Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Was A Lot of Fun Behind-the-Scenes

Some brand new never-before-seen footage from the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 has been released online, featuring the cast and crew enjoying their time while doing the Marvel film. Hitting theaters in May, the second installment of MCU's space opera saw the return of the galaxy's odd group heroes as they try to save the universe again. This time, unfortunately, they're against the evil plans of Star-Lord's long lost biological father, Ego the Living Planet.

While director James Gunn was able to maintain the lighthearted tone of the budding Marvel cosmic franchise, Guardians 2 arguably was more emotional than its predecessor. The film shed a light on each of the characters' personal struggles from Gamora and Nebula's sister rivalry to Rocket opening up about his horrid history. The somber narrative beats were capped by the sacrificial death of Peter's foster guardian, Yondu. And despite delivering some of the most emotional and dark scenes in the whole of MCU, the cast appeared to had a blast during production.

In light of the upcoming home entertainment release of Guardians 2, several behind-the-scenes footages have been released online on YouTube, including a funny bit while Gunn was directing Pratt during the climactic battle in the movie. While the filmmaker was giving his lead star some instructions, Pratt does funny and totally inappropriate facial expression causing the crew to crack at his antics. Check the video below:

Another clip, meanwhile, showcases a montage of several gag reels in the film interestingly with Russell featured in a lot of them, as well as, Sylvester Stallone - who did a nifty cameo in the film - struggling with the word, 'Ravager' (the group which Yondu and his team are a part of). There is also a bit with Dave Bautista messing up his line prompting him with a mini-outburst while Saldana makes a terrified face.

Aside from the video, the home release copy of Guardians is expected to also include commentary from Gunn and the rest of the cast like Russell, who shares how he had become involved in the Marvel sequel and what attracted him to the role  Ego - an ideal father on the surface who turns out to be a self-absorbed villain, in the first place. Pratt, meanwhile, being the unofficial leader of the team spills some details on his experience back on the set for the second time.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will be released physically in 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray Combo Pack, and DVD on August 22, but is already available digitally in HD, 4k Ultra HD, and Disney Movies.

Source: Disney Movies Anywhere [2]

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