Guardians of the Galaxy 2: All 5 Post-Credit Scenes Explained

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 - Baby Groot

Scene #4 - Teenage Groot

The fourth scene is another overtly comedic one that introduces a new version of everyone's favorite tri-syllabic tree creature: Teenage Groot. Quill comes into the growing Groot's room and immediately fills the parent role, complaining about the mess - he's shedding vines everywhere - and bemoaning the game that his ward's playing.

It's a typically James Gunn play on the growing Groot concept, but beyond a quick laugh does serve as an in-movie representation of the passage of time between Vol. 2 and the Guardians' next appearance in Avengers: Infinity War. Because Guardians 2 was set only a few months after the first (a decision made in the first place to allow for Baby Groot), that means there's going to be a four-year gap between the new film and the 2018 team-up, in which time Groot is sure to have grown. Whether that's his old self, a moody teenager or a different form entirely is unknown, but, regardless, he'll hopefully then have a little more respect for his "elder", Star-Lord.

Although this scene does mark the end of Baby Groot, it simultaneously brings up new opportunities; while there was a thematic purpose to the small character (his size is used as a parallel for Yondu's fake explanation for not delivering Peter to Ego), between the Mr. Blue Sky opening (the film's best scene) and his various vignettes throughout the film, it seems like the idea's been fully explored. Indeed, Groot didn't have a clear arc like the rest of the team, something a later movie is sure to want to have.

Scene #5 - The Watchers Have Enough of Stan Lee

Uatu The Watcher

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 features what is possibly the best Stan Lee cameo yet - as Rocket and Yondu jet from stargate to stargate trying to get to Ego's planet, they pass by a trio of Watchers listening to the ramblings of the famed Marvel writer and creator of a litany of iconic characters (including Groot). This moment is returned to in the last, actually post-credits sting where the giant-headed beings have finally had enough and walk away from Lee, who pleads with them that he's "got more stories".

It's always great to see Stan the Man pop up, so getting two moments is automatically double the fun, but this one is particularly exciting as it explicitly tips the hat to a popular fan theory that across all his MCU cameos he's actually playing Uatu, the Watcher. The Watchers are the oldest species in the universe, higher-level extra-terrestrials who monitor all life and catalogue everything that has ever happened. The theory is that Lee has been one of these beings all along, although the appearance alongside comic-accurate Watchers jokingly suggests he's one of their compatriots (he's credited in the film as "The Watchers’ Informant").

The post-credits scene is really a further subversion of the already-subversive cameo, saying that while Lee could be some greater being and offers knowledge of The Avengers, he's of such insignificance that even the all-seeing Watchers have lost interest. And, of course, his "more stories" is a cheeky wink to the sheer number of characters he created in the 1960s.

Update: There was actually a 6th post-credits scene but it was cut. Here's why.

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