GTA V: 14 Worthless Weapons That Everyone Uses (And 11 That Are Underrated)

Rockstar North started out its life as Acme Software in 1984. By the time the first Grand Theft Auto title hit the market, they had been going by DMA Design. Shortly after releasing the seminal 2001 masterpiece, Grand Theft Auto III, the studio settled on its current moniker. Every time the developer releases a new game, they seem to make it a point to outdo the previous title in every single way. The PlayStation 2 era Grand Theft Autos remain quality gaming experiences, but they cannot hold a candle to their next generation counterparts. Even their forays away from open world gaming have improved upon already established systems, such as Max Payne 3's flawless shooting mechanics. To this date, their most recent project is Grand Theft Auto V, released in 2013. Five years is usually eons in video game talk, but GTA V is still one of the best around thanks to its unbelievably fleshed out world. Featured heavily in the virtual playground of Los Santos are a bevy of weapons at players' disposal. Given the amount and variety of these weapons, it is safe to say that some fare better than others in combat, with a special few not even being worth the space in your inventory.

This list will suggest which armaments should be left at the Ammunation and bring attention to the ones that deserve more love. The game's arsenal is massive, so hopefully this will help those who have trouble finding their gun of choice. So get those wanted stars cleared, because here are GTA V: 14 Worthless Weapons That Everyone Uses (And 11 That Are Underrated).

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GTA V tear gas
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25 Worthless: Tear Gas

GTA V tear gas

In real life, tear gas is an absolute nightmare to contend with, causing a seemingly endless burning sensation to the eyes. In GTA V they are not as threatening of a tool, save for a few specific situations. They may come in handy if using a regular grenade will destroy an objective, triggering a mission failure. Additionally, a pesky enemy behind some indestructible cover can be flushed out with the gas. For those with a precise enough throwing arm, they can also be lobbed through a car window.

Other than these circumstances, it it best to stick with normal grenades.

24 Underrated: Assault Shotgun

Assault Shotgun GTA V

In video games one always has to be careful with their choice of shotgun. Their firepower tends to be nerfed by short range, small magazines, and inaccuracy. The Assault Shotgun, solves all these problems, giving players a rapid fire machine of destruction. With this in hand, one can rain mayhem on their foes like Hale Cesar in The Expendables. While its damage decreases with range, the rate of fire more than makes up for it. Any adversary taken down with the Assault Shotgun will be sure to remember it at Christmas.

23 Worthless: Broken Bottle

GTA V Broken Bottle

Maybe denoting a melee weapon as useless in GTA V is redundant, as melee combat is arguably the weakest part of the entire series, but the broken bottle stands out as particularly lame. Curiously enough, the bottle, which was added to the game as a part of a DLC, is available for pick up at the Ammunation. Why a broken piece of anything is available at a high end gun store is unknown, but that's where it is.

It does instantly knock down opponents in GTA Online, but that's assuming one can actually get that close.

22 Underrated: Combat MG

Combat MG GTA V

In Los Santos players won't only run into human opposition. Cars, helicopters, boats, and more will attempt to bring down Franklin, Trevor, Michael, or the customizable GTA Online avatar. Explosives are generally used for these encounters, but don't count out bullet based firepower. Equipped with a Combat MG, players can stand their own against a virtual army with little trouble.

In GTA Online it will also turn other players into Swiss Cheese in less than ten shots. No reasonable gangster will roam the streets of Los Santos without one of these at their side.

21 Worthless: Micro SMG


The Micro SMG feels like a safe choice. It has an easily recognizable name and it looks menacing enough. However, one is better off using almost any other automatic weapon. The range of the gun is laughable and its magazine only holds sixteen round. Even with an extended magazine, one only has thirty bullets before needing to reload. It is not terrible in close quarters, but there are better options available for combat in tight spaces.

One should not completely ignore it, however. Despite its several drawbacks, it is the only SMG usable in drive by shooting.

20 Underrated: Sticky Bomb

GTA V Sticky Bombs

GTA V and, particularly, its online counterpart do not always seem like the ideal place for careful strategizing. For those few players with tact, sticky bombs can be an invaluable friend to have, particularly for setting traps in corridors or on vehicles. Even in urgent situations, such as a getaway car speeding away, this gadget proves more useful than grenades. Where a grenade would bounce off a car and detonate away from the vehicle, the sticky bomb would latch on and annihilate the intended target. Just be sure not to detonate one while standing too close.

19 Worthless: Heavy Shotgun

GTA V Heavy Shotgun

With a name like Heavy Shotgun, one would expect this weapon to be an unrivaled beast of a gun. Unfortunately, its actual capabilities do not live up to the hefty name.

Other players will typically be felled in three shots, approximately one too many when considering its classification and mediocre rate of fire. Its shots also do not spread like other weapons of its type,

Whenever the Heavy Shotgun and Assault Shotgun square off against each other, the latter eviscerates its competitor, presumably to the tune of "Anything You Can Do (I Can Do Better)".

18 Underrated: .50 Pistol

.50 Pistol GTA V

It's easy to brush aside pistols and want to head straight for the revolvers, assuming that is where all the quality handguns are located. However, don't dismiss all non-revolvers, as the .50 Pistol packs some serious heat in a small package.

The only drawback is its low firing rate and relative inaccuracy. Still, if a player is able to successfully contend with its cons, the .50 Pistol is a valuable buddy to have in a pinch.

It is useful, but ultimately only recommended for experienced virtual criminals, as beginners may find it unwieldy.

17 Worthless: Assault Rifle

Assault Rifle GTA V

With a generic name like Assault Rifle, this weapon will be commonly used by those not willing to dig deeper into the intricacies of GTA V's weaponry. It also has the iconic look of the eastern European AK-47, but the stats fail to hold up to its aesthetic goodness.

Against other players the gun will get the job done in less than ten hits, but it also fires slower than a typical automatic weapon. Some attachments will help it catch up, but all of those can also be added to already superior guns.

16 Worthless: Firework Launcher

GTA V Firework Launcher

Authorities and elders often warn children not to play with fireworks. They may explode into pretty colors, but if they are handled incorrectly, they are libel take a limb along with them. With all of these supposed dangers then,  the Firework Launcher should be a masterpiece of a weapon. In truth, it is not practical for combat, and better suited as a toy. It will eliminate foes with a direct hit, but anything less will only cause some damage and maybe start a fire. If rocket launchers are your flavor, stick with the RPG.

15 Underrated: Pistol

Pistol GTA V

As far as starting weapons are concerned, one could be gifted something exponentially worse than the one handed to the player during GTA Online's introduction. Its stats are nothing to right home about, but it also won't leave the player completely defenseless. Another interesting thing to note is the weapon actually provides an animation to the self destruction feature.

While the Pistol becomes obsolete quickly, respect always has to be paid to the weapon that helped players through their early days in the massive open world adventure, whether it be online or solo

14 Worthless: Pump Action Shotgun

Pump Action Shotgun GTA V

Reloading can often be half the entertainment of using virtual firearms. The act of pumping up a shotgun in between pulling the trigger feels indescribably satisfying, especially in GTA V where all the weapons have weight. Unfortunately, past the feeling of using the firearm, GTA V's Pump Action Shotgun leaves some things to be desired. It is powerful with limited range, but comes up just shy of being able to take other players out with one shot. If a slow weapon is unable to land one hit victories, what good is it?

13 Underrated: Compact Grenade Launcher

GTA V Compact Grenade Launcher

What more could one want from a firearm that the Compact Grenade Launcher doesn't offer? It's small, easy to handle, and can take out cars and opponents with the snap of the finger. While some may prefer the standard Grenade Launcher, this one takes the cake for being able to use it on motorcycles. It's hard to match the feeling of obliterating cars in the middle of a high speed chase.

The only small drawbacks are having to reload after every shot and its arc, which takes some time to adjust to.

12 Worthless: Jerry Can

GTA V Jerry Can

The Jerry Can, filled with gasoline and not, as one might expect, a bunch of dudes named Jerry, is useless outside the missions that require its usage. It is a cool tool to have in the inventory, but in a firefight it is best left forgotten. There are nearly countless ways to interact with Los Santos and the Jerry Can is a solid way to have some fun with fire. This does not mean that it makes a great weapon though, as it takes too long to use under the heat of battle.

11 Underrated: Double Barrel Shotgun

The Double Barrel Shotgun is not only for one armed demon slaying warriors like Ash Williams. One will find that it is just as useful as protection on the dangerous Los Santos streets as it is against deadites. It has poor range and only fires two shots, appearing lackluster on the surface. Those with the skill to use it properly will find it can efficiently conquer the battlefield. In close quarters, there is no better way to quickly end an encounter than two quick bursts from this bad boy.

10 Worthless: Stun Gun

Stun Gun GTA V

Anybody who has actually been tasered in real life will probably vehemently disagree with the assertion that stun guns are useless, but this is talking about GTA V and not the real world, where the apparatus is dreadfully painful. This one is fun to use on unsuspecting pedestrians minding their own business, but it will ultimately fail when going up against actual threats. It works if one can get in close enough, but then that brings up the issue of actually getting close enough to something that wants you six feet under

9 Underrated: Heavy Revolver

Hand cannons are comedically impractical in the real world, but in virtual combat they can prove handy. Not only do they make its user feel as powerful as a bull, but they also add style to one's shooting. The Heavy Revolver is perhaps the finest high powered magnum on the market in Los Santos. Before taking an interest in it, though, be sure to have unrivaled skill with firearms. In inexperienced hands, the Heavy Revolver is nothing more than decoration. It'll send players to their maker in about two shots, but missing even once leaves its user vulnerable.

8 Worthless: Sweeper Shotgun

Sweeper Shotgun GTA V

With a name like Sweeper Shotgun, one would it expect it to "sweep up" the competition with ease, like dirt on a wooden floor. While it may sweep, it wields a tiny metaphorical broom. Despite a solid rate of fire, it stands as one of the weakest shotguns available. At close range, it takes at least two blasts to eliminate other players, but that is assuming all of the pellets hit their target. With only ten shots in a magazine, one can expect to spend a lot of time reloading.

7 Underrated: Heavy Sniper

Heavy Sniper GTA V

A sniper rifle of this caliber can make a car or helicopter unrecognizable, so just imagine what it will do to other players who have the misfortune of stepping into its scope. On top of this, range is not an issue, meaning the enemy can be dropped before they even know where the attack is coming from. Those with steady enough aim can also stop a driver or pilot in their tracks at an impressive distance through their window. All in all, there is nothing better to for long range fighting.

6 Worthless: Marksman Rifle

Some may be willing to sacrifice firepower for maneuverability in their sniper rifles, but those people don't consider that mobility is irrelevant when a single shot from the shadows can take care of business. While it is possible to move while aiming with the Marksman Rifle, the lack of firepower leaves its user vulnerable if their opponent manages to survive the attack. If this rifle were to square off against the Heavy Rifle, the ladder would blow it right out of the water before the player had a chance to look through their scope.

5 Worthless: Snowball

GTA V Snowball

Maybe it is not proper to pick on a seasonal weapon only featured to make a certain time of year more festive in GTA Online, but the truth of the matter still has to be stated - The Snowball is useless. Sure it can prove a diversion, but there is nothing to do with it past innocently tossing it at pedestrians and other players. It would be nice if Rockstar took the festivities a step further and perhaps added a snowball fighting adversary mode this upcoming holiday season. Until that happens, snowballs will remain insignificant.

4 Underrated: Minigun

GTA V Minigun

Sure, it's cumbersome and only available in GTA Online after reaching rank one hundred and twenty, but the Minigun is an awesome tool to have in hand when facing down hordes of enemies. It also contributes to one of the campaign's most memorable moments, which happens when you see the cops' reactions as Trevor and Michael step out of the Paleto Bank fully armored with Miniguns in hand. Leveling a small town in real life is tragic, but doing it in a virtual world where no one gets hurt is just good gaming.

3 Worthless: Proximity Mines

In theory, these explosives sound ideal for the signature open world mayhem of the GTA franchise. In practice, however, some simple flaws render it inferior to other explosives such as grenades or sticky bombs. For one, the inventory taps out at five, hardly sufficient for long lasting engagements. Secondly, their activation time makes on the fly usage impossible, with targets already leaving the area before the mine is armed. The proximity mines still work as traps, but do not do anything that sticky bombs do not already do. Ultimately, it is best to use sticky bombs instead of these.

2 Underrated: RPG

What is there to say about the RPG that hasn't already been said? The name alone reveals all the necessary information. The Rocket Propelled Grenade is just that and wherever it lands better say its prayers and receive last rites. The only time this weapon is not ideal is in open areas against humans. In this case, it may prove challenging to take people out. However, against vehicles and in urban areas, this weapon gets the job done. Additionally, the effect of using it is intimidating and looks sweet as pie.

1 Worthless: SNS Pistol

GTA V SNS Pistol

Some may size that size doesn't always matter and that is mostly true in regards to firearms. However, there is a limit and the SNS Pistol flies over that limit and somewhere out of eyesight. It is a nice novelty to have such a compact weapon featured, but one will find little use for it in an actual firefight. Against other players, it will take about eight shots to win an engagement. With only six bullets per magazine, one can't even beat someone without having to reload.


What are you favorite guns in GTA V? Let us know in the comments!

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