How to Unlock GTA Online's Secret Casino Mission (By Getting Drunk)

Taking the wrong shot of whiskey in Grand Theft Auto: Online can find the player lost with some "accidentally" stolen goods.

It's been a little while since Grand Theft Auto: Online's Diamond Hotel and Casino opened to the public, and players are now coming forward with stories about a secret, unlisted mission that can trigger after getting drunk in the casino. The Diamond Hotel and Casino's location has been under construction since the beginning of GTAO's existence, but ever since the doors finally opened last month players have been given the chance to gamble away their in-game currency (or real-world money) for the chance to hit it big in blackjack, poker, and horse racing.

The secret mission is triggered by buying a penthouse in the Diamond Hotel and playing the first of the update's casino-based missions, "Loose Cheng." By doing this the player unlocks the ability to participate in randomized side missions that all have to do with helping out the casino in some capacity, and although it's not necessary to play any of those to trigger the secret setting them up is still a necessary step in the unlocking process, since the hidden mission in question relies on the casino manager having your phone number. Once "Loose Cheng" is completed, it's time to get drunk.

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As reported by Kotaku, ordering a shot of "Macbeth" brand whiskey at either the casino proper or the player's own private penthouse bar will cause the player to black out and wake up in a different location. Sometimes it's the bathroom, sometimes it's their own bed, and in one very rare, seemingly random instance, the player wakes up having stolen one of the casino's delivery trucks in a blacked-out stupor and must bring it back within a time limit. While the gameplay is basically the same as other casino-focused side missions, this one does feature some unique dialog from the casino manager, Ms. Baker.

Grand Theft Auto Online

This isn't the first time hidden experiences have been been discovered during GTAO's "Macbeth" whiskey blackouts. After the After Hours update was launched last year, which focused on the player owning and maintaining their own nightclubs, taking a shot of the Macallan-themed alcohol could find the player waking up on top of the Episilon building wearing a Kifflom shirt, apparently having accidentally joined the cult during their drunken stupor. The Kifflom shirt, an exact copy of the one Rockstar sells on their own website, was then added to the player's inventory.

It's unfortunate that the secret mission in Grand Theft Auto: Online's Diamond Casino isn't more fleshed out and unique in terms of player interaction and rewards, especially since more people are playing GTAO than ever before. While the Episilon incident was sparse in terms of gameplay and served as more of a simple easter egg, at least afterwards a player was able to display evidence that they found the secret to everyone else. The hidden casino mission has no such lasting proof, and since the odds are random as to whether a player will wake up in the mission or not it may be better to save those hard-earned dollars for something other than fake alcohol.

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Source: Kotaku

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