GTA Online Guide: How To Register As A CEO

GTA Online

Here’s how players can get extra perks by registering as a CEO in Grand Theft Auto Online. Rockstar Games released GTA Online in 2013 and the game had something of a rocky start; while critics praised its gameplay and scope, a host of technical issues earned it a lot of negative reviews. The game got over its growing pains and six years after its original release GTA Online is more popular than ever, and one of the Grand Theft Auto franchise’s top earners.

Its improved reputation is thanks largely to a series of free and regular updates released by Rockstar over the past few years. GTA Online’s most recent update ‘The Diamond Casino & Resort’ allows players to gamble away their real or GTA dollars inside a luxury casino, and broke records when it scored the game both its biggest day and biggest week in terms of player numbers during its six-year history.

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The ‘Further Adventures in Finance and Felony’ update was released in mid-2016 and offers players the chance to rise through the ranks of the Los Santos criminal underworld from gun-for-hire to CEO of their own criminal enterprise. Being a CEO also means players can buy warehouses to store their contraband, unlock new vehicles, buy and sell said contraband and – best of all – make a ton of money while doing it.

GTA Online

But like many things, it takes money to make money and registering as a CEO in GTA Online is no different. The first step players need to take to become a GTA V CEO is to purchase an executive office and as they don’t come cheap (the most economical version is a cool $1 million), a lot of capital is required to do so. To buy an office, navigate to the Dynasty 8 Executive website on the iFruit phone and the four following office options will come up:

  • Maze Bank Tower (priced at $4 million)
  • Lombank West ($3.1 million)
  • Arcadius Business Center ($2.25 million)
  • Maze Bank West ($1 million)

Once an office has been purchased, players can customize it with things like a safe, gun-locker, living quarters and hire an executive assistant to take care of the boring day-to-day business tasks. To complete their registration as a CEO in GTA Online, players can either register at their new office’s desktop computer or navigate to the interaction menu, select SecuroServ and choose ‘Register as a CEO’. After that, players are on the first step to building their own empire as CEO.

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