GTA Online Breaks Records 5 Years After Release

Grand Theft Auto Online

Thanks to its latest update, the five-year-old Grand Theft Auto Online is breaking records. The update, "The Diamond Casino & Resort," was initially announced by developer Rockstar in June. Rockstar didn't reveal a lot of details about the update at the time, although it was clear that an online casino component would get added to the game.

The update, though, included more than just a casino. It also added new missions, cars, collectibles and more for players. GTA Online also has plans to offer double rewards to players who participate in casino missions for a limited time. Players who log in between now and August 7 will receive free in-game merchandise. GTA Online also features a free spin on the Lucky Wheel to win even more in-game goodies. Rockstar has done an outstanding job of offering frequent updates to the title, which probably explains its enormous success.

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However, "The Diamond Casino & Resort" update has done even more for GTA Online. According to COG Connected, the update has helped the title break its own records, including the records for biggest day and biggest week. With the update being free to all GTA Online players, it seems they are signing back on now in droves.

GTA Online is one of the reasons why GTA V is the most profitable entertainment product of all time. It's no secret that Rockstar is making a killing on the game, although the company hasn't paid a UK corporation tax in years. With the new update allowing players to spend real-world money on in-game gambling, Rockstar stands to make even more profit from the five-year-old title.

However, there is a question about the legality of allowing players to spend real money on in-game gambling. Over 50 countries have decided to ban GTA Online's feature that allows players to buy casino chips with real money, citing that it constitutes illegal gambling. Many countries have already started looking carefully at the video game industry's history of taking players' real-world cash for in-game items, most particularly loot boxes. These recent crackdowns on video game gambling are just a precursor. It is highly likely that other countries will soon take a closer look at GTA Online's casino update, too. Sure, it might be breaking records now, but it's probably only a matter of time before other countries consider banning it, too.

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Source: COG Connected

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