Grand Theft Auto V: 15 Hidden Missions You Didn't Know About

What makes Grand Theft Auto 5 such a one-of-a-kind video game besides the immense and detailed map players can explore is the large array of missions and events that occur throughout the game. Players who originally rushed through the various storylines when they first bought the game have more than likely replayed it again, as there is so much to do with different outcomes each time. Especially now that years have passed, and with it tons of new information regarding all the hidden features and things to do in Los Santos, there's more content than ever.

The original release of GTA 5 on PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles blew players away with all the new in-depth dynamics that the game brought to the table. However, Rockstar Games has since re-released the game, and with the new game engines on the PS4 and Xbox One, players have been able to enjoy newer features and gameplay options that have never been seen before in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. From the wide range of random encounters that can be triggered by players' actions to the countless competitive modes added to the Online realm, this game is truly the collective genius of every Rockstar game ever released.

Whether you want to be a business mogul, a crime-fighting vigilante, or even just a simple taxi driver, this game allows you to choose your own style of play!

15 Become a cult member

In GTA 5, there's a place for everything, including freaky cults. The Epsilon Program makes a comeback in GTA 5 through a series of unique side missions. In order to start these missions, as Michael, you must go to the Epsilon website, where you take a quick survey. After that, a question mark will be placed on Michael's map where the mission begins.

After a series of 8 strange missions all revolving around "The Truth" that the Epsilon Program teaches - which include running through the desert, stealing expensive cars, and donating over $75,000 to the program - you will be invited to meet the group's leader at the headquarters in Los Santos. For the final mission, Michael is then tasked to deliver a car containing over $2,000,000 in the trunk to another cult member.

The player then has to choose between either delivering the cash or escaping with the money! You're obviously going to pick the latter, right?

14 Kidnap people for a cannibal group

When GTA does creepy, it does it well.

One of the many unknown missions in GTA 5 that fans aren't likely to forget after playing involves the cannibalistic cult in the far reaches of the map. To start, you have to have completed the mission "Nervous Ron" as Trevor, which will then trigger a text message shortly after from your assistant Ron. The message tells the player that there is a cult in Blain County "requesting lost souls in exchange for money." From there, you can choose from a wide range of NPCs that can be taken to the Altruist Camp.

After four successful "offerings", the cult members will betray Trevor and attempt to kill him. To escape the camp, you must fight your way through all the cultists while picking up five briefcases along the way, each containing $25,000.

It makes for an epic side quest!

13 Collect nuclear waste in a submarine

In GTA 5, there is a lot more beneath the water than meets the eye! After completion of "The Merryweather Heist", the option to buy the Sonar Collections Dock becomes available to any of the three main characters. Along with the property comes a submersible that can be used either for fun or to start the collection of the 30 nuclear waste barrels that are spread out around the shores of the map.

Each collected barrel will earn the character $23,000, and a $250,000 bonus can be earned after collecting them all. They can be found using the Trackify app on your cell phone, which makes this side mission pretty fun!

If nothing else, the mission proves that Rockstar didn't neglect to make the underwater areas just as beautiful as the rest!

12 Solve the murder of Leonora Johnson

Occasionally in GTA 5, players have to be wannabe detectives. After completion of the mission "Repossession" early on in the game, all three of the characters can start collecting the 50 letter scraps that are placed around the map, similar to the spaceship parts and hidden packages. To make finding them easier, Rockstar has included all 50 locations in the Checklist tab if players have a Social Club account.

Once all 50 have been collected and Franklin reads the letter, you are then directed to the killer, Peter Dreyfuss, who is at his home in Vinewood. During the cutscene, Franklin reveals to Peter that he knows he's the killer. As soon as he does. Peter makes a run for it. You can then either choose to kill Peter or let him escape.

Sadly there's no reward for either, just a game achievement.

11 Unlock a space vehicle

GTA 5 has a large collection of unique and whacky vehicles. The Space Docker might top that list.

The only way to acquire this futuristic looking vehicle is through obtaining all 50 spaceship parts that are scattered across the map. You can begin searching for these objects once the Strangers and Freaks mission "Far Out" is initiated by Franklin and you meet Omega. He claims to have been abducted by aliens, and shows Franklin a spaceship part on his phone.

After all 50 parts have been collected, Franklin will automatically start "The Final Frontier" mission, where he meets Omega inside his laboratory and he shows him the Space Docker. The mission ends, and as a reward, Franklin gets to keep the vehicle. Just make sure not to blow it up on your first test drive!

10 Hunt sasquatch

Want to hunt the legendary Sasquatch in GTA 5? Here's how.

In order to be able to do this mission, "The Last One", as Franklin, you must have reached the 100% completion mark of the game. After that enormous task is achieved, you can head to the question mark in Raton Canyon, where you will meet the sasquatch hunter. During the mission cutscene, he recruits Franklin to help him hunt the beast.

What makes this mission cool is that it actually references an old myth from GTA: San Andreas, where players believed rumors that a similar beast resided somewhere on the map. Without spoiling the ending of this last mission, well, it won't take long for Franklin to locate the creature. Just don't be surprised if it talks back to you!

9 Make millions assassinating people

Want to be able to make millions just by assassinating a few targets? After completing the "Fame or Shame" mission as Franklin, you'll receive a phone call from Lester, initiating the first of the assassination missions, "The Hotel Assassination".

Completion of this first mission is required to progress through the main storyline. However, in order to acquire this potential wealth, it is prudent to save the remaining four assassinations for after "The Big Score". When that is done, depending on the fates you choose for the trio, you'll have a couple million from the last heist to spend. Taking that money and properly investing it into the competition of each target could earn you hundreds of millions overnight.

This helpful tip makes acquiring all the expensive properties and toys in the game a piece of cake!

8 Collect hidden caches of money

Who knew that treasure hunting was something every character can do in GTA 5? Hidden all over the map of Los Santos and Blaine County are twelve briefcases full of cash that are just waiting to be discovered. No mission progress or any special prerequisites are needed to start hunting for these, just some luck and a keen eye (unless you want to cheat and look online).

The biggest amount you can find at once is $25,000, which will require the player to have a high lung capacity stat or a scuba suit, if you know where to get it. You can find this stash of cash just north of Vespucci Beach along the western shore, sitting on top of a sunken submarine on the sea floor.

Don't forget to take a melee weapon. Otherwise, you could get eaten by sharks!

7 Go hunting

Want to take a break from all the killing and heists in GTA 5? Why not clear your mind by going hunting!

When playing as Trevor, you'll get a phone call from Cletus, who says to meet him at his lodge. After arriving at the cabin in the woods, Cletus gives Trevor a deer call and tells him they are going hunting.

This mission serves more as a tutorial for anybody who wants to continue to hunt as a side activity within the game. You'll learn where to shoot an animal for more points, how to adapt to the wind when using your gun, as well as make the distinction between male and female deer (if you didn't already know that).

After each kill, you must send a photo of the carcass to Cletus to receive a ranking. You can send the photos to other contacts in your phone as well to receive funny responses.

6 Save Thelma and Lousie from killing themselves

Everybody wishes they could've saved Thelma and Louise, but in GTA 5, it's actually a possibility. At one of the cliff faces in the northern part of the map near Raton Canyon, between the hours of 7PM and 8PM, you can find police cars leading up to the top, where they are shooting at a familiar looking convertible. If you get close enough, you can see two women sitting in the car with two guitars and a sombrero in the backseat.

When the police start to advance up the hill, players may have a flashback of Thelma & Louise as the two women accelerate their car off the cliff to their death.

If you're quick enough or have access to a helicopter, it is possible to block the path of the car and save the two women from killing themselves. Just don't expect the ladies to be grateful!

5 Solve a mysterious death at sea

Another interesting side mission involves Michael working as a private investigator in "What Lies Beneath".

To begin this detective style mission, you must first go to the Strangers and Freak icon at the Sonar Collections Dock, where you will see Abigail staring out at the sea. She tells Michael about her husband's recent death and asks him to collect all 30 submarine pieces to find out if his death was an accident or not. The pieces can be found by any of the three characters, but they can only be brought to Abigail by Michael.

When they are all found, Michael concludes that the submarine her husband navigated was sabotaged. She then rewards Michael with $10 (yay?) and a photograph. The player can then choose to either let the suspicious woman leave or kill her.

Did Abigail kill her husband? You decide.

4 Manage your owned properties

Property management is another aspect of GTA 5 that requires players' constant attention. Every property has its own designated weekly income for each individual character, as well as certain perks too. However, with over 16 total properties available for purchase in the game, this may mean more problems for players to deal with on a recurring basis.

For instance, after Franklin owns Downtown Cab Co., he may be called by his manager Raul to help drive fares across town. Or when the manager of The Hen House calls whichever character is the owner in need of either an alcohol pickup or protection from robberies, you'll be tasked with a menial task. You can always choose to ignore their calls for help, resulting in only an angry text from the manager.

It definitely adds another layer of depth to the game, if nothing else.

3 Help run an arms supplying company

As we're sure you know, there are many diverse and unique ways to make money in GTA 5. For Trevor, a cool way to make some extra cash is by arms trafficking, which can be done once Trevor purchases the McKenzie Field Hangar. Included with the airstrip is a Cuban 800 airplane and a Dune Buggy, which can be used for either air or land shipments.

There are a couple different mission variations, such as delivering multiple shipments in different dropzones or bombing the competition. Dealing with your rivals can be quite the task. Sometimes, you have to bomb moving targets like trains and vehicles, and you've gotta be precise, or the mission is an instant failure!

Complete each mission successfully and you could potentially earn up to $7,000 at a time!

2 Fight off the aliens!

"Grass Roots" may be one of the strangest, yet most fun missions in all of GTA 5.

To start this unique mission, you must be playing as Michael and head towards the Park Square in Downtown Los Santos. There you will find an activist, Barry, who is sitting at a table waiting to talk to any passerby. After convincing Michael to take a few puffs of a joint, the world suddenly shifts into a nightmare for the player.

You'll quickly find yourself surrounded by strange alien creatures that spawn randomly and attack, looking to attack your brain. Luckily for you, Michael will be equipped with a minigun and have unlimited ammo.

Hold off the waves of intergalactic creatures and you may very well live to see Michael come out of his drug-induced haze and come to his senses.

1 Catch "illegal immigrants"

With all the lunatic friends that Trevor has in GTA 5, it's no surprise that he would be pals with the self-proclaimed "Civil Border Patrol" of Blaine County.

Belonging to the Strangers and Freaks missions, you can start "The Civil Border Patrol" by traveling out to the Grand Senora Desert to meet with Josef and Joe. After their initial meeting, the pair asks Trevor to join their cause of keeping America free of "illegal immigrants". Trevor happily agrees to help.

The player then joins the two as they head to the Yellow Jacket Inn, where they believe they'll find their next catch. After a thorough inspection of the properties yields no results, Trevor sees two Mexican men in a hot rod leaving, and the player then has to chase them down and subdue them using a stun gun.


What other hidden missions have been left largely undiscovered by the GTA fandom? Let us know in the comments.

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