'Grand Theft Auto 5' Player Recreates 'Friends' TV Intro

Grand Theft Auto 5's custom modifications ( or "mods") have gotten so advanced that players can do nearly anything they want to their in-game world. These include vast changes ranging from game play like upgrading all the graphics, and submersing the entire game underwater, to enhancing your character with working Iron Man armor. GTA 5 has been endlessly praised for it's realistic world, and mods serve as a way to open that world even more to players - in one case literally, with the Open All Interiors mod. Though Rockstar Games doesn't officially provide support for mods, that clearly hasn't stopped do-it-yourselfer fans from creating them. In fact, mods have gotten so popular that there are several websites-worth of GTA 5 mods, like, where players continuously upload and download them all the time.

The GTA fan behind Youtube channel Merfish has been using his skills with the Rockstar Editor to blend GTA videos with popular media.This time Merfish made GTA characters dance around in sync to the iconic Friends intro. Check out their newest hit Friends recreated in GTA V below. And click here for a side by side comparison of the the real opening credits beside the GTA 5 version. 

You may remember one of Merfish’s more famous videos The Fresh Prince of Rockford Hills - the GTA and Fresh Prince of Bel-Air combo that made the Internet rounds a little while ago. Perhaps the SNL/GTA parody opening rings a bell. Though some are more popular than others, Merfish is nothing if not prolific. According to his Youtube channel, making GTA videos is "basically all I do with my life," and he uploads new GTA-TV intros every Tuesday.

GTA 5 Friends Mod

This video takes place entirely in one location and nailing the character movements is what makes it stand out. It’s not particularly easy to do in game, and the results are pretty spot on. It's close enough that you can say it crosses into uncanny valley territory. Of course, video game characters can only be so emotive, so if you want to see what something like this looks like in the other direction, check out this GTA in real life video.

So what do you think? Impressed? Funny? Do some people have too much time on their hands? Let us know in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V is still out in stores.

Source: VG247 

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