Sony's Grudge Reboot Gets A New Summer 2019 Release Date

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Sony's Grudge reboot will now be released two months earlier in summer 2019. The Grudge films revolve around people who are haunted by a ghost that died while experiencing powerful rage or sorrow. The first film was a Japanese horror film released in 2000 called Ju-on: The Curse. There have been many films in the Ju-on series, including an American remake called The Grudge that starred Sarah Michelle Gellar.

In recent years, The Grudge series has crossed over with The Ring films, like in 2016 when Sadako vs. Kayako was released. Back in 2014, Sony also announced they were rebooting The Grudge series, with Jeff Buhler writing the screenplay and Sam Raimi producing. With little to no updates for years, it was then revealed in 2017 that the reboot was again moving forward with Nicolas Pesce attached to write and direct. Demian Bichir and Andrea Riseborough have been cast in the film, along with Insidious star Lin Shaye. While it was previously reported that Grudge would get a summer 2019 release date, Sony has moved their horror film up by two months.

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Deadline reports that Sony has chosen to move Grudge from August 16, 2019 to June 21, 2019. While the exact reasoning for the change is still unknown, it's likely that Sony is attempting to make the horror film available to as many moviegoers as possible. By changing the release date to June 21, though, Sony will have some tough competition at the box office.

Woody Buzz and Bo Peep in Toy Story 4

Most importantly, Grudge will now be going head to head with Disney's Toy Story 4which will be about Buzz Lightyear and Woody venturing to find Bo Peep. It's also important to note that X-Men: Dark Phoenix and Chris Hemsworth's Men in Black will also still be relatively new by the time Grudge is released. On the old release date of August 16, Grudge would have gone up against the comedy Good Boys and the animated feature The Angry Birds 2.

Even though releasing the film at the beginning of summer rather than the end may make the film available to more audiences, it's a questionable move to pit the film against Toy Story 4. Although the fourth Toy Story has already gotten some heat since the third film ended so perfectly, it's unlikely that Toy Story 4 will bomb at the box office. It's still a Disney film featuring immensely popular characters with a story that actor Tim Allen says is very emotional.

That being said, some horror films that come out in August have done incredibly well. Don't Breathe and Annabelle: Creation made a lot of money, both of which had August release dates. While the Grudge series does have a loyal fan base, it's still worrisome that it will now be going up against such an anticipated title in June. However, a horror film and animated sequel don't exactly attract the same crowd.

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Source: Deadline

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