The Grudge Movie Reboot Adds John Cho To Its Cast

John Cho in The Exorcist Season 2Jon Cho in The Exorcist Season 2

The reboot of 2004 horror film The Grudge has added John Cho to the cast. The original movie, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, was itself a remake of the Japanese film Ju-on: The Grudge. The American version pulled in $187.3 million at the box office on a budget of $10 million, and spawned two big-screen sequels.

The films are based on a cursed spirit born out of a violent death, usually attached to the place where the death took place. Anyone who comes in contact with this curse dies, and the curse continues, leaving death and devastation in its never-ending wake. Gellar originally portrayed a care worker assigned to help an American family living in Tokyo, all of whom end up destroyed by the curse. The reboot, however, will star Andrea Riseborough as a detective and single mother.

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The Grudge reboot will also star Demian Bichir (Alien: Covenant) and as Variety is reporting, John Cho. Well-known for his breakout role in the Harold & Kumar franchise as well as his turn as Sulu in the rebooted Star Trek movies, Cho will be hoping this new film will be successful enough to also include sequel opportunities.

Sarah Michelle Gellar in 2004 film The Grudge.

While Cho may often show off his comedy skills, as in TV series Selfie, Go On, and Difficult People, he's also no stranger to the supernatural and horror genres with stints on Sleepy Hollow and The Exorcist. While there's no word yet on his character in The Grudge reboot, the talented actor should be perfectly capable of doing well with the role. Considering that he continues to appear on both the small and big screen, including the upcoming Serial Dater, The Oath, and hopefully Tarantino's take on Star Trek, his name on the cast list should help draw more viewers to this horror remake.

Producer Sam Raimi has said that the script, by writer/director Nicolas Pesce (The Eyes of My Mother), will be "a relentless supernatural thrill ride that explores the horrors of American suburbia." That hints at a somewhat different spin than the 2004 film, which is something The Grudge will need. Part of the thrill of horror films is the element of surprise, and rebooting a well-known story that has multiple sequels made in two different countries adds to the difficulty in shocking or entertaining anyone. Hopefully the cast and filmmakers will be able to do enough to create something original, rather than another unnecessary reboot.

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Filming on The Grudge should begin in May. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for further updates.

Source: Variety

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