Grown Ups International Trailer

Grown Ups Worst of 2010

There's a new international trailer out for the comedy film Grown Ups and as pointed out by our friends at Cinema Blend, this international trailer seems less concerned with our principal cast of comedians (Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Rob Schneider, David Spade, and Chris Rock) and much more concerned with...Selma Hayek?

Now granted, to a certain extent we're ALL more concerned with Salma Hayek, but consider here supporting role, it's kinda funny.

Check out the new international trailer for Grown Ups :

Yeah... you remember that David Spade is in this movie? Yeah, neither did I...

Anyway, this movie isn't really on my radar at all so I'm not that upset by this. In fact, in my world, the more Salma Hayek, the better.

Grown Ups hits theaters on June 25, 2010

Source: Cinema Blend

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