'Grown Ups 2' Trailer: Adam Sandler and His Friends Are Back

'Grown Ups 2' Poster

Grown Ups 2 is the first sequel to feature everyone's favorite punching bag Adam Sandler, who reunites with some of the most divisive names in the comedy genre - Kevin James (Here Comes the Boom), Chris Rock (Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted) and David Spade (Rules of Engagement) - for a goofy summer romp that picks up not long after the original movie, with Sandler having moved his kids and wife (Salma Hayek) to the small town where he and his buddies (sorta) grew up.

The trailer barely touches on the story that Sandler co-scripted alongside Fred Wolf (Grown Ups) and Tim Herlihy, who helped launch the critic-proof comedic star's career back in the 1990s with the cult comedies Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. Instead, we get a collection of vignettes that tease guest appearances from such names as NBA veteran Shaquille O'Neal (Scary Movie 4), Taylor Lautner (Twilight) and Andy Samberg (That's My Boy).


'Grown Ups 2' Poster

Sandler went raunchier than usual with the R-Rated That's My Boy; the film's bad taste humor and idiosyncratic sensibilities didn't appeal to audiences (including Sandler's fanbase), which resulted in a final $36.9 million domestic box office tally below Grown Ups' opening weekend total ($40.5 million). By comparison, this past fall's Hotel Transylvania featured voice work from Sandler and his buddies, yet managed to bring in $148 million in the United States (and more than doubled that amount globally).

Point being, Grown Ups 2 has all the ingredients - random jokes, bathroom humor and gooey heart - to ensure that Sandler's latest vehicle outperforms his last two live-action projects, Jack and Jill and That's My Boy. The trailer does nothing to convince me this isn't going to be yet another movie where Sandler and his costars seem to be having a lot more fun than most people in the audience, but there's no doubt going to be a crowd that shows up for this sequel, regardless.


Grown Ups 2 opens in theaters on July 12th, 2013.

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