Kid Calls 911 To Stop Grinch From Stealing Christmas

Five-year-old TyLon Pittman called 911 to report that The Grinch was planning to steal Christmas. One of the most enduring holiday traditions every winter is the sharing of beloved Christmas movies with friends and family. For those with children in their lives, there is the added joy of getting to show those children A Christmas Story or It's a Wonderful Life for the first time. But for young TyLon Pittman, his first viewing of the soon-to-be remade How the Grinch Stole Christmas is sure to become a legend in his hometown of Byram, Mississippi.

Tylon was watching videos on a cell phone last Saturday when he uncovered a horrifying plot. An evil furry green creature called The Grinch was planning on stealing Christmas. So TyLon did exactly what he was told to do in case of an emergency. He dialed 911 in order to report the potential crime to the police. After telling the 911 operator to watch out for The Grinch, TyLon gave the phone to his father, who quickly apologized and explained his son was playing with the phone. The operator was amused rather than upset, and assured TyLon's father that it was her most interesting call ever.


According to Today, the story does not end there. Word of TyLon's call got around the police department and a cop - Officer Develle - went to TyLon's house to assure him that she and the other officers would not let The Grinch steal Christmas. She let TyLon show her the video he was watching and promised to protect his Christmas. TyLon's older brother documented the entire encounter and shared it on his Facebook page, where the story went viral.

However, the police weren't content to let that be the end of things. They invited TyLon - who wants to be a police officer himself when he grows up - to come to the police station where they arrested The Grinch. TyLon was made a junior officer for the day and allowed to escort The Grinch from the police car to a holding cell. Tylon even locked the door himself - with a little help from Officer Develle - ensuring that no one would have their Christmas stolen.

It's the kind of story that would make anyone's heart grow three sizes. While Tylon will have to wait a year to hear Benedict Cumberbatch voice The Grinch, he has the classic animated film and the live-action version as well to keep him entertained - and to remind him that The Grinch can never really steal Christmas as long as he is with the family who loves him - and who have probably had a very serious talk with him about what constitutes an emergency worth calling 911 in the future.


Source: Today

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