Grimm Spinoff With Female Lead in the Works at NBC

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NBC is reportedly developing a spinoff of the fantasy procedural TV show Grimm, which lasted for six seasons, with the new series set to feature a female lead. The original show starred David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, a police detective based in Portland who is descended from a legendary line of monster hunters called Grimms.

Grimm ran on NBC from 2011 to 2017. The fan-favorite series was never a huge hit, but still proved to be a success by bringing in a steady numbers over the course of its six season run during the often-fatal Friday night timeslot. The series followed Nick as he investigated murders that always led him into conflict with a strange creature. As a Grimm, only he could see them for what they really were. Over the years, Grimm managed to build a strong fanbase with its well-developed world filled with unique monsters inspired by Grimms' Fairy Tales as well as folklore from various cultures from around the world.

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Deadline reports that NBC is developing an untitled Grimm spinoff with Melissa Glenn serving as executive producer. Glenn has written episodes of Marvel's Iron Fist, The CW's Beauty and the Beast, Hawaii Five-O and Leverage. Expected to center on a female character, the spinoff will introduce new characters and revive existing characters from the original series. According to Deadline, the show will build off the mythology established in Grimm. So far, no actors have been attached to the project. Grimm co-creators David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf will act as consulting producers.

David Giuntoli and cast in Grimm Series Finale

Though Grimm's series finale wrapped up all of its loose ends and provided a proper conclusion to Nick's story, there's still plenty of room to work with in terms of a new series. Grimm created a massive world, but was only able to show audiences a small part of it. All six seasons of Grimm were set in Portland, which seemed to be a melting pot for Wesen, the name given to the animal-like creatures that Nick would encounter while investigating mysteries. A spinoff in a different setting could tell a whole new story with a whole new cast.

The show opened the door for more stories by not limiting the series to one Grimm. Eventually, the show brought in other characters that were revealed to be Grimms. A spinoff could explore the life of a female Grimm as she hunts down her ancestors' enemies and investigates mysteries of her own.

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Source: Deadline

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