15 Things About Grey's Anatomy That Make NO Sense

We don’t love Grey’s Anatomy because it’s factual and teaches us about medicine, we love it because it’s entertaining, even if it doesn’t really make much sense.

The fact that the show is entering its fourteenth season is proof that is has captivated audiences. It's time to look at how far the writers have gone just to entertain us. Nothing is too brazen and nothing is too bizarre. There is also no disaster or disease too rare to discuss.

For many fans, Thursday nights are reserved for time with Meredith. For an hour, they are glued to the television screen and bowl of popcorn just to wait and see what the writers are going to do next to Seattle’s most famous doctors.

The plot might be a little weird and bogus, the medical stuff might be a bit off, and, of course, a few characters should be dead, but at the end of the day you just have to trust that ShondaLand knows how to write a good nighttime soap opera. Besides, all of the wackiness gives us something to talk about while we wait for the next episode.

Here are the 15 Things About Grey's Anatomy That Make NO Sense.

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15 Nurses Who Don't Do Any Work

Of course there are nurses on the show, but their job mostly involves standing around and looking good. It’s the surgeons who do all of the work at Seattle Grace Hospital.

In real life, nurses tend to do many of the task that the doctors are seen doing on the show. Nurses are the ones who draw the blood, transport and monitor patients, distribute medications, and comfort the patients.

In reality, it is very rare-- if it happens at all-- for the surgeons to perform these duties. So, in fact, nurses do a lot of the work, and it’s thus unfair for a show focusing on a hospital setting to include lines such as "clueless like a nurse" when nurses are actually highly trained and capable of  contributing to the functioning of the hospital.

14 Meredith’s Nine Lives

Over the years, many fans have speculated that Meredith must have at least nine lives, since, against all odds, she continuously lives on after each disaster.

In season 2, she manages to outlive a bomb. This was in episode 16, which was appropriately named "It’s the End of the World". However, this wasn't the case for Meredith, who managed to breeze through it all.

She lived on until season 3, which was when it was discovered that she had prolonged exposure to toxic blood and had her appendix removed. Again, this didn't kill her, and this same season she also drowns and is saved by Derek.

She’s allowed to live unharmed until a gunman shoots her in season 6, and, yet again, lives another day. She goes on to face several more major obstacles, such as nearly being eaten by a lion and almost dying during a plane crash, but manages to live on.

Then, in season 9, she has a C-section during an electrical outage, and later has to endure an earthquake in season 11, but again, everything is fine in Meredith Land.

13 The MRI Murder

Fans quickly picked up on the medical mishap in season 2’s episode "Superstition". As we said before, Grey’s Anatomy is not the show to watch to actually learn anything about being a doctor.

Dr. McDreamy does not exist and, even if he did, he would most likely not ask a fellow doctor to give a patient an MRI if they had a metal object stuck in their body. Why? Well, let’s being with what MRI stands for: Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

So, sending a woman for an MRI with metal stuck in her body would literally rip the object right out of her, and that is not a pretty way to go. Luckily, this, obviously, would never happen in real life.

If this were, somehow, to actually happen, then America’s favorite doctor would have to endure a malpractice lawsuit. Instead, the show skips to the Seattle’s sunset and everything is fine.

12 Christina's Replacement After Derek’s Death

Best friends are supposed to be forever. Even if you change cities, you still fly back out when your best friend needs you.

Remember how furious you were that Cristina wasn’t there for Meredith at Derek’s funeral? Then, remember how it was "revealed" that she was actually there after all-- wait... what?

For whatever reason, Sandra Oh, the actress who played Christina, wasn’t available during this storyline. So, a body double with long black hair was used in a scene where she stood next to Meredith.

The two were best friends and, instead of at least giving viewers a tearful reunion, the only thing that the writers could give us was the back of someone’s head? Even CGI or a cartoon of Meredith and Christina that turned out to be a dream sequence would have felt more gratifying.

11 Not Letting George Join The Army

George O’Malley entered the show as a puppy-faced intern, eager to learn. Five seasons later, he transformed into the hospital’s finest ER resident who one day decided that the Army was his true calling.

This is a decent way to end a storyline, right? Not according to the writers, who were itching for something more-- a murder. So, they had George go in the worst possible way ever.

One day, a patient is admitted to the hospital, and his face is so mangled that he’s completely unidentifiable. This John Doe was a do-gooder who threw himself in front of a bus (only to be dragged under for several blocks) in order to save a woman’s life. He can’t even tell the doctors who he is, at least not until he writes a message on Meredith’s palm.

10 No one visits Izzie when she gets cancer

According to various rumors and fan speculation, Izzie Stevens was doomed to be killed off the second that Katherine Heigl (the actress who played her) stepped on Ms. Rhimes toes by shunning an Emmy nomination because the writers didn’t give her "good material."

Soon after, Izzie got cancer with a 5% survival rate. Yet, the writers didn’t kill her off that easily. Izzie became a cancer survivor with a storyline that saw her go AWOL for most of season 6.

However, the most shocking thing about the situation was that none of the other doctors asked why or even went to visit her. How about a quick, "Hey, you just battled cancer, how are you holding up?" None of this happened.

9 Singing Doctors

Since Grey's Anatomy is a fictional show, doctors get to do fun things like have steamy encounters in elevators, save countless patients (even though many would have died if the same situation ever occurred in real life), and sing.

Everyone loves musicals right? So, why not make Grey’s Anatomy, The Musical? Yes, the actress who plays Callie, Sara Ramirez is a Tony Award-winning singer. However, as far as the rest of the cast goes, no one else has won any awards for their musical talent.

The end result was that the entire episode felt out of tune. Watching doctors sing to patient Callie as she’s being wheeled to surgery was a painful experience. A good soundtrack would have been much more appreciated by most fans.

8 Everyone Constantly Cheating On Each Other

If you’re planning to move to Seattle and work at a hospital, here is some advice: keep your significant other far, far away. Seattle doesn’t have decent people, at least when it comes to relationships. This is one of the things that Grey’s Anatomy aims to teach us.

Remember George and Callie? They were happily married... until George slept with Izzie and Callie slept with Sloane. Later on, Callie is in a relationship with Arizona, who also cheats on her.

Also, don't forget Alex and Jo. They were the perfect couple, until he found out that Jo was secretly married. Of course, let’s not skip over Dr. Derek McDreamy’s affair with Meredith while he was married to Addison.

Even Meredith’s parents weren’t immune to cheating-- Ellis Grey cheated on her husband with Chief Ellis. This is only a handful of the cheating relationships on the show.

7 Meredith surviving under water for 20 minutes

Grey’s Anatomy aims to teach us that Seattle might a dangerous place to live, not just because of the infidelity everywhere, but also because "there will be blood."

The writers have thrown every devastating disaster that they could at Seattle throughout the show's run, even a Titanic-like ferry crash. However, most fans aren’t too worried because they know that the doctors at Seattle Grace Hospital will always be there to save lives, even if it means endangering their own in the process.

The tear jerking episode "Walk on Water" in season 3 saw Meredith get knocked into the water as she tried to treat a patient. Of course, she didn’t drown during the 20 minutes that she was underwater with the ghosts of patients past, and Dr. McDreamy eventually noticed and jumped into the water to save her.

6 The Plane Crash

The plane crash scenario was a plotline that paid homeage to Lost. In the story arc, a plane goes missing and the passengers spend weeks roaming the woods, completely lost.

Perhaps this was an impactful way to kill of several main characters in one go. Lexie was one of the characters who died, and she gave an emotional goodbye to Mark who told her that they’d get married one day (because who knows ShondaLand might actually write a ghost marriage into next season).

Though we doubt that Lexie would want to come back, considering the fact that all of the doctors of Seattle Grace Hospital are continuously having to endure disasters as though they were contestants in the Hunger Games.

5 Ellen Pompeo’s Hidden Pregnancy

Greys Anatomy Meredith

 actress Ellen Pompeo was pregnant during Grey's Anatomy's season 6. At first she was only shot in close-ups. Then, the writers came up with a new idea-- Meredith had already lived through so many disasters, so the writers might have thought, "Hey, let’s give this kid a break and some rest."

Sure enough, they did put her on bed rest. The plot was all in the name of being a good daughter. Meredith was donating her liver to Thatcher, her estranged father.

So, Meredith was shot in billowy hospital gowns and bed sheets throughout her pregancy. Of course, they could have just allowed the character to be pregnant and thought of other clever ways to cover her belly.

4 The Operating Room Board

The operating room (OR) board is basically a supporting character in the show. Everyone wants to have his or her name on the OR list. It’s been the center of many arguments throughout the show, and is thus bound to pop up in most episodes.

Yet, we never get a good look at the names written on the board. We can see that there are a lot of names, but does a hospital really need that many different surgeons? The word, according to the great big web, is no.

There is some speculation among fans that the names might just be names of crew members on the set of the show. It’s a nice little way to acknowledge the faces that make the show that you don’t get to see. However, realistically, most hospitals would not have so many names on their OR board.

3 All Five Interns Have Had Surgery

Is it just a coincidence that all five interns at Seattle Grace Hospital have had surgeries themselves? Or perhaps it’s a secret plot point, or it could just be that Shonda Rhimes just likes to make fans cry.

George was the puppy dog of the show who was written off by being dragged under a bus after he jumped in front of it in order to save a woman’s life. He died shortly after surgery.

Alex had a gunshot wound to the chest, Meredith had a C-section during a superstorm, and Izzie had brain cancer and multiple surgeries where the tumor was successfully removed.

However, don’t let your tear ducts get dry just yet, since there was also Christina’s ectopic pregnancy way back in the beginning of season 1.

2 Maggie And Meredith Are Both Heads of Departments

Some fans speculate that Maggie must have jumped through a time-loop-hole. She is Meredith’s half sister, and is younger by five years. Yet, somehow she became the Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital around the same time as Meredith became the Head of General Surgery.

She may finished high school and medical school a little early, but so early that she is on the exact same career path as her older sister? Is the show trying to tell us that at age five she went straight to 5th grade? Or, are they just saying that she was a genius who skipped high school altogether and graduated from college when she was fifteen?

It's a shame that she was written off in a plane crash before we could ever find out.

1 Izzie Having Ghost Sex

The writers of Grey's Anatomy are not afraid to occasionally delve into the world of the supernatural. In season 2, fans adored watching Dr. Isobel Stevens and Denny Duquette fall in love. We laughed when they laughed, and cried when they cried.

Sadly, it was not to be. After all, Grey's Anatomy is not a predictable soap opera. So, Denny ended up dying of complications related to a heart transplant. Yet, the show found a way to bring the favorite couple back together in season 5.

Throughout the storyline, Izzie begins to talk to Denny’s ghost. She ends up sleeps with him-- or at least, the ghost of him. So Izzie, a living breathing human being, has sex with a dead guy.  She didn’t go and dig up anyone’s grave, thankfully, because it was all in her head, which doesn't really make the situation any better.


Can you think of any other moments or storylines from Grey's Anatomy that didn't make any sense? Let us know in the comment section!

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