Grey's Anatomy: 10 Most Shameless Things Meredith Ever Did (& Should Be Proud Of)

Meredith Grey has done a lot for friends and patients through the seasons. Here are the 10 most shameless things Meredith Grey did on Grey's Anatomy!

For sixteen years, fans have had the pleasure of seeing Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) accomplish many things. When Grey's Anatomy first aired, Meredith appeared as an ordinary intern. Now look at her: Chief of General Surgery and winner of the Catherine Fox award. She's come a long way.

But Meredith wouldn't have gotten to this point in her life and career without taking a few risks. She's been known to fight with attendings and even cross ethical boundaries to ensure the best for her friends and patients. Yes, from putting her hand on the bomb to repairing Megan's (Abigail Spencer) abdomen, here are the 10 most shameless things Meredith Grey ever did.

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10 Repairing Megan Hunt

One of the best things Meredith did was repair Megan Hunt's abdomen. Fans were first introduced to the army doctor in season 14 when Owen (Kevin McKidd) received a phone call and was told his sister had been found, who was then transferred to Grey-Sloan. Meredith took it upon herself to become the lead surgeon on Megan's case, despite the haters.

All the other attending doctors were hesitant to agree to the surgery, but Meredith pushed for it to go through. She also played devil's advocate when Teddy (Kim Raver), Owen, and Riggs (Martin Henderson) argued about the line of treatment and even questioned whether she should be the one to operate. But Meredith paid the doubters no mind, wanting only the best for her patient. In the end, she handled the situation with grace, not allowing her personal history to cloud her judgment. That's what makes her a great surgeon.

9 Letting Nathan Go

In season 13, Nathan and Meredith entered into a relationship after the two bonded over their dreams. Meredith and Nathan both spoke about how they would often have a 'miracle dream' about their partners returning; however, fans were surprised to learn that Megan actually was alive and well—and on her way to Grey-Sloan.

Meredith was delighted for Nathan, but soon became angry when the trauma surgeon hesitated to reconcile with his former love. She continued to encourage Nathan to pursue Megan because this was what he had wanted. Although she did have feelings for the doctor, she knew how important Megan and Riggs were to each other. She stepped aside, knowing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

8 Sticking Up For Her Patient

Meredith was one of the first doctors to excel at bedside manner; she was kind and attentive, and never treated a patient as a joke. Fans may recall the episode where Meredith, Cristina (Sandra Oh), and Izzie (Katherine Heigl) were assigned to a particular patient who believed he was pregnant.

Meredith was the only doctor who took the patient's concerns seriously, while Izzie and Cristina were instead charging colleagues an admission fee to enter the room and gawk. She ended up arguing with Cristina over her inconsiderate attitude, which was a big deal since no one had seen them fight before this moment.

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7 Tampering With The Alzheimer's Trial

Fans can't help but adore the familial relationship that occurs between Meredith and Richard Webber (James Pickens, Jr). The pair have often been seen to stick their necks out for each other, even if it is crosses ethical boundaries. One of these moments happens when Meredith tampered with the Alzheimer's trial.

Meredith tampered with the trial in the hopes of getting Richard's wife, Adele, onto the list. She had recently been diagnosed with the disease and her brain health was fast declining. Meredith refused to sit by and watch. Unfortunately, her actions ended up making matters worse once her indiscretion was discovered. Although there were mass repercussions for everyone, you can't help but admire how far Meredith went for her family.

6 Committing Insurance Fraud

Although still in the midst of completing her community service, Meredith shouldn't be ashamed of committing insurance fraud. Was it illegal? Yes. Was she insubordinate? Yes. Did she deserve to get fired? No. Why you may ask? Because Bailey (Chandra Wilson) committed the very same act in season 5 premiere.

Meredith puts her daughter's name on the insurance forms because the patient needed urgent care. She insists her intentions are good since the system has failed many people. Bailey shouldn't be so angry with Meredith because she also committed fraud to save a man from bankruptcy. If she is going to lose her medical license for this, she can do so with her head held high.

5 Giving Up The Harper Avery Awards

Fans all know how much the Harper Avery Awards meant to the surgeons, particularly Meredith. As a medical protege, Meredith felt like she had to keep up her mother's legacy. When Meredith finally got her award in Grey's 300th episode, everyone was delighted for her.

However, the importance of the award was diminished in light of the allegations against Harper Avery (Chelcie Ross). So when Meredith returned her award after discovering her mother's best friend was one of his victims, it was a big deal. She only accepted them back after her and Jackson (Jesse Williams) changed the company to the Catherine Fox foundation.

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4 Putting Her Hand On A Bomb

One of the bravest (and stupidest) things Meredith ever did was to put her hand on a live, ticking bomb. After the hospital was put on lockdown, Meredith and Cristina did their best to comfort the paramedic who didn't realize she had her hand on the bomb.

However, Hannah (Christina Ricci) soon fled after the pressure became too much. Whilst everyone dived out the way, Meredith was quick to put her hand on the explosive to prevent it from going off. Although she was scared, Meredith managed to remain calm and many lives were saved thanks to her bravery. Definitely not something she should be ashamed of.

3 Supporting Izzie In The LVAD

Fans witnessed the strong bond between M.A.G.I.C. after the Denny Duquette (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) incident. When Izzie cut his LVAD wire, she recruited her intern friends after noticing some complications. Meredith was the only doctor who remained calm and rational as George, Izzie, and Cristina began to panic. Eventually, they managed to get the situation under control but faced many consequences in the aftermath.

Since Izzie risked losing her internship, Meredith and the others decided to protect her. They refused to admit who cut the LVAD, which led to the interns being banned from all surgeries. Although the truth came out in the end, Meredith never indicated nor revealed to Richard that Izzie was the one responsible. Her loyalty is one of her best traits.

2 Relationship With Jo

Meredith and Jo (Camilla Luddington) may not have gotten off on the right foot, but they have since become close friends. Meredith is shown to be a great source of support for the fellow after Jo faced her abusive husband, Paul (Matthew Morrison). She refused to leave Jo alone and allow her to be intimidated by Paul when he became aggressive.

Meredith was also seen as a supportive friend when Jo discovered the truth about her parents. She was the only one who managed to coax the truth out of surgeon as her depression began to affect her work. The compassion and comfort she bestows on her friends is something she should undoubtedly be proud of.

1 Gave Izzie Her Wedding

Meredith made another selfless decision when she gave Izzie and Alex (Justin Chambers) her wedding. Since Izzie had been bed-bound after discovering she had cancer, Meredith decided to let her plan the wedding. The event seemed to help occupy Izzie as she underwent treatment; however, all the surgeons were devastated to learn that Derek (Patrick Dempsey) had discovered another tumor—this one inoperable.

As a result, Meredith and Derek decide to give Izzie her dream wedding. Meredith didn't seem to mind handing her big day over to her friend, as she knew how important the day was to Izzie. It was a beautiful and heart-felt gesture on Meredith's part.

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