Grey's Anatomy: The 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes Of Season 2, According To IMDb

Grey's Anatomy is one of the longest-running shows in the history of television. The popular medical drama has been on the air for 15 seasons, dating back to 2005. That's 345 episodes and counting!

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Yet with such a high volume, it's hard to remember which episodes stand out as the absolute best and worst. But don't worry folks, we've got you covered! With Season 16 set to premiere on September 26th, it's time to take a look back. Here are the 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Episodes of Grey's Anatomy Season 2, According To IMDb!

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10 Worst - "Much Too Much" - Episode 10

The next four worst episodes of Season 2 all have an 8.2/10 rating. But the one with the highest number of votes is "Much Too Much," which tends to favor the absurd over the dramatic.

When Meredith's one-night stand arrives with a humiliating medical issue - a permanent erection - she's too terrified to help. Who wouldn't be? As Meredith works through her embarrassment, Addison, Izzie, and Derek tend to a woman pregnant with quintuplets. Izzie catches Alex having sex with Olivia, which frays their relationship quite a bit.

9 Best - "17 Seconds" - Episode 25


Kicking off an excellent three-part arc, "17 Seconds" begins when victims of a mass shooting are admitted to Seattle Grace. Talk about topical!

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With the hospital jam-packed, Callie and Meredith operate on a patient whose leg may be amputated. Christina counsels a couple arguing over who protected who during the attack. Derek and George tend to a pregnant girl victimized in the shooting. Meanwhile, Izzie risks her livelihood to make sure Denny's heart transplant is a success. In the end, Callie expresses her romantic feelings for George, who is called away on duty before he can respond.

8 Worst - "Blues For Sister Someone" - Episode 23

Izzie presses George for intimate details about his life, prompting him to move back in with her and Meredith. Alex and Addison assist a woman pregnant with her seventh child. They counsel the patient over the difficult decision to have her tubes tied or not.

Meanwhile, Burke struggles to operate on one of his musical idols. The elderly musician wants his pacemaker removed because it hinders his ability to play the violin. Meredith heeds Denny's advice and goes on a date with her dog's vet. The episode concludes with Derek finally having steamy sex with Addison.

7 Best - "Deterioration Of The Fight Or Flight Response" - Episode 26

With a 9.1/10 rating, the dramatic focus of Episode 26 shifts to Burke and Denny. Izzie works tirelessly to save Denny's life after snipping a critical LVAD wire in his chest. Before a last-ditch operation, Denny proposes marriage to Izzie. However, once his new heart is implanted, it fails to work.

Meanwhile, Burke undergoes surgery on his shoulder that risks permanent nerve damage. Derek does his best to operate, but Burke's fingers remain paralyzed. During Burke's procedure, Christina panics and seizes up in the operating room. Cue the finale!

6 Worst - "Tell Me Sweet Little Lies" - Episode 14

Speaking of Meredith's dog, Doc, he also happens to be the catalyst for Episode 14. The poor pooch behaves so poorly that George refuses to live in the same house as him. This leads to Meredith making the difficult decision of giving Doc to Derek and Addison.

Medically speaking, Chistina and Derek nurse a guitarist who lost three fingers. Burke and Meredith help a woman with a heart condition. George has the tough task of releasing a patient who is no longer ill but refuses to leave. In the end, Bailey is put on Family leave.

5 Best - "Losing My Religion" - Episode 27

Capping off a three-part storyline, the Season 2 Finale is the third-highest rated episode according to IMDB users.

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Izzie and the interns are confronted by Dr. Webber over the LVAD incident. As a result, Dr. Webber suspends them for surgery and demands they arrange a prom ceremony for his niece. But the emotional cliff-hanger of the season comes when Izzie accepts Denny's marriage proposal. At the end of the episode, Denny dies from a stroke. The interns discover Izzie laying next to Denny's body. Izzie admits to cutting the LVAD wire and quits Seattle Grace.

4 Worst - "Band-Aid Covers The Bullet Hole" - Episode 20

With the lowest amount of votes, the 8.2/10 rated episode could be retitled Adventures in Babysitting!

When Bailey rushes into surgery, Christina reluctantly agrees to watch her baby, Tucker. As the night goes on, Christina completely melts down. Meanwhile, Meredith nurses a woman with a knife lodged in her throat. Addison nurses a pregnant woman whose husband repeatedly flirts with her. George and Callie grow closer over a teenager's request to lop off one of his fingers. In the end, Addison receives a heartfelt admission from Derek that bolsters their marriage.

3 Best - "As We Know It" - Episode 17

The most beloved episode of Season 2 is immediately followed by the second most adored chapter. Makes sense, right? Also boasting a 9.5/10 mark, the suspenseful storyline carries over from the previous episode.

The man with a bomb trapped in his chest continues to be cared for. With time running out, Meredith removes the bomb, but it detonates anyway. As a result, the bomb squad Captain, Dylan Young, dies. As one life is lost, another is gained with the birth of Bailey's baby. However, she's hesitant to deliver her newborn without her husband.

2 Worst - "Let It Be" - Episode 8

Although it has a respectable 8.1/10 rating, "Let It Be" is the least favorite episode of Season 2. The plot primarily revolves around Derek and Addison, who are paid a not-so-pleasant visit by two old friends from New York.

The couple in question wants Derek and Addison to perform an elective surgery to prevent female cancers. The various options cause a rift between both couples. Meanwhile, Dr. Webber learns Bailey is pregnant. As the news breaks, George struggles to understand the psyche of a man who survived a fall from a 5-story building.

1 Best - "It's The End Of The World" - Episode 16

With a stellar 9.5/10 rating from IMDB voters, the most adored chapter of Season 2 comes with a bang!

An existential threat hits Seattle Grace Hospital when a medic admits a man with a bomb implanted inside his body. What's crazier? The placement of the medic's hand is the only thing stopping the bomb from detonating. When the medic is left alone, she frantically removes her hand from the bomb. Luckily, Meredith steps in and almost saves the day. Meanwhile, Bailey gives birth while Derek and Christina operate on her injured husband.

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