10 Grey's Anatomy Memes That Will Have You Dying Of Laughter

Grey's Anatomy is one of the longest-running medical dramas of all time. If you binge-watch a bunch of episodes in one session, you'll see your fair share of ups and downs. But sometimes the series can get extremely tragic.

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It's known for killing off main characters right when you're most attached. It's still a fantastic series, but here are some fun memes that might put a smile on your face after watching a particularly sad episode.

10 Who can you trust?

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of Grey's Anatomy, has developed an unfortunate reputation for killing off everyone's favorite characters on the medical drama. George O'Malley, Lexie Grey, Mark Sloan, and Derek Shepherd, to name a few.

But in reality, most of these deaths were only written because the actors in question had asked to be written out of the show or there was behind-the-scenes drama that lead to them leaving. Also, some characters who died in later seasons were not Rhimes decision, given she is no longer a showrunner. Still, the reputation persists.

9 What game are the producers playing?

Ah, the plane crash. Some people thought it was a great plot twist while others were simply left devastated. Why is that? Well, instead of the producers just killing off Lexie (which was bad enough despite Chyler's decision to leave) they also killed Mark Sloan.

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Rumor is that Eric Dane asked to leave too. Although there are varying reasons why Dane wanted to leave. Still, it's a shame they decided to kill both characters, who fans loved, especially as they were one of the most popular pairings on the show. Surely one of them could have just gotten a different job!?

8 Our version of Google might be different than yours

This meme is just a funny play on the unique names people are given on the series. First, there is Arizona. The lovable peds doctor who roller skates. Non-Grey's fans might think you're referring to the state, while fans know better.

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The same can be said for April, not a month, but a quirky redheaded doctor and another fan-favorite. Finally, there is Lexie Grey, who has a photographic memory and is frequently called "Google," for the famous search engine.

7 McDreamy vs McSteamy vs McFlurry

This hilarious meme is making a joke out of the fan nicknames for Mark and Derek. Both doctors are astonishingly handsome and so they were dubbed as McDreamy (Derek) and McSteamy (Mark).

But what you didn't know is that there is actually a third member of this group who might have both male doctors beat. That is McFlurry. McFlurrys are basically a national treasure. It's why people get so upset when McDonald's says their ice cream machines are broken. They're keeping us from the sweet deliciousness of the best ice cream treat!

6 Am I technically a doctor now?

Do you ever feel like after watching a marathon of Grey's Anatomy you're now capable of doing surgery, diagnosing illnesses, and assigning treatment?

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Many of us feel that way sometimes. We like to pretend maybe we're as talented as the many doctors on the show despite not having any of the same schooling or expertise. It's basically the same thing, right?

5 Is this my new career?

This meme, which is in the format of the famous "is this a pigeon" meme, is a great way of looking at the show's fandom. Maybe you've never once considered what it would be like to become a doctor or a surgeon but then you watch more than 300 episodes of Grey's Anatomy and suddenly it seems like a good idea.

Maybe you're squeamish of blood and guts but the way they show it on the series, it doesn't look so bad! We've all battled that desire at least a little bit.

4 Fan stress levels

There are a lot of things you should get stressed out about while watching Grey's Anatomy. The medical drama is full of near-death experiences, tragedy, and heart-stopping action. This helpful chart tells you how much you should be stressed during certain climactic moments on the show.

Among the ones listed on the graph including Meredith's near-drowning, Derek getting shot, the plane crash, George's death, and of course, one of the most difficult moments on the series: the musical episode. In reality, there are some fans who honestly enjoyed the musical episode. But for a lot of us, we found it rather corny and difficult to get through. Yet, as avid and devoted fans of the show, we did our best to pretend it was fantastic.

3 Wot in cardiopulmonary resuscitation

This meme is a play on the popular "wot in tarnation" memes and the rise of all the cowboy memes in general. In the image we see Derek trying to help a patient by performing a cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

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The caption cleverly adds a playful play-on-words. But the icing on top of this hilarious meme cake is definitely the little clip-art cowboy hat that someone edited on top of Derek's head.

2 How to diagnose yourself

This small brain to galaxy brain meme shows the progression of figuring out your illness, getting a diagnosis, and then treating it. The first step is obviously to call your doctor, but if you're really smart you'll search WebMD. Even better, you'll use chakra energies to heal your soul.

But the smartest of all is to simply watch a bunch of Grey's episoides until you figure out the exact cause of your troubles and administer your treatment! Please not we are being totally sarcastic and definitely don't endorse doing this but w've all probably been at least a little guilty of doing it.

1 Grey's Anatomy meets 13 Reasons Why

Did you know that the star of 13 Reasons Why, Dylan Minnette, once guest-starred on an episode of Grey's Anatomy? In his episode, Meredith helped reconstruct his ears so he would be able to hear.

It's kind of funny when you link the two series together since the actor would go on to play Clay, whose entire initial purpose is to listen to tapes. Even better, the girl's tapes he's listening to is the daughter of Kate Walsh, better known by Grey's fans as Addison Montgomery.

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