Grey's Anatomy: 25 Things Wrong With Mark Sloan We All Choose To Ignore

Grey’s Anatomy has been running for 15 seasons by 2019. In that long time, we’ve had a number of characters weave in and out while Meredith Grey’s life continues along. Among these characters are those who have been on an even level of popularity as Meredith and are remembered when the show is brought up. The original cast can definitely be claimed to be much more memorable than the current one as it was around this time Grey’s Anatomy had pulled in 20 million viewers per episode easily. One of the show’s highest selling points had been the fact that all the doctors were extremely attractive.

You can’t mention attractive doctors on Grey’s Anatomy without first bringing up McSteamy himself. A number of the fandom had only begun watching the show because Mark Sloan had been on it and had a lot of steamy moments indeed. Mark was the kind of guy you either loved to love or hated to love; it wasn’t possible to hate him altogether.

There was something about the kind of guy who was openly involved with legions of women yet never pretended he was a good guy in the first place. You could call him the kind of character you wanted to fall for that one girl who would make him stop his ways of debauchery. He might have been a fan favorite, but Mark had a number of things wrong with him that his charm made us overlook.

Here are  25 Things Wrong With Mark Sloan We All Choose To Ignore.

25 He was with his best friend's wife

Mark Sloan and Addison Montgomery in Grey's Anatomy

Some things don’t need to be written in the Bro Code; they’re known to you already because it is common sense and you’re supposed to care for your friend. But, Mark didn’t consider any of that when he initiated a relationship with Derek’s wife Addison.

According to her, the marriage with Derek was already on its last legs when she had the relationship with Mark, but he didn’t know that, did he? From his point of view, he just wanted to be with her.

24 He was with his best friend's sisters

According to Mark himself, Derek’s mother was like his own mother as she took care of him from a young age; then what he did with her daughters isn’t something the poor old woman would’ve ever thought he’d repay her with.

Mark was not only with Derek’s wife, he got together with not one, but two of his sisters! His sister Nancy was the first one, and she even defended it by saying “(being with) Mark was like a rite of passage”. Yikes!

23 Being With A Former Sister Figure

Even worse than being with Nancy was getting together with Amelia. While both are Derek’s sisters and should be off limits due to the Bro Code, Amelia was a worse case because when she showed up at the hospital Mark said he still saw her as Derek’s 12-year-old sister.

Later on, he did stuff that no one would ever do with a sister figure, and felt no guilt for it. He never considered how Derek would feel or how Lexie would react, considering he had a thing going on with her at the time.

22 Always clouding his thinking because of women

The creepiest thing about Mark is that while he does think from his brain; it’s not the one inside his skull. Mark’s entire way of thinking is how he could bed a certain woman. Actually, it’s not even a particular woman, he just wants to be with someone pretty much all the time.

Bailey put it perfectly when she proclaimed Mark had always gotten around and never made it seem as if he wasn’t the type. He knew no clear way of thinking when it came to the prospect of getting together with someone.

21 Addison never showed up for his funeral

Despite maintaining a close friendship (and a friends in benefits relationship when the time called for it), Addison didn’t seem to care as much you think about Mark’s passing. It was near the ending of Private Practice when Addison got a call from Derek informing her of Mark’s deceased state.

Addison was visibly distraught over it, and while this was a nice touch by showing the crossover impact; had she really cared don’t you think she would’ve shown up for his funeral?

20 He had a Hate Club against him

Building upon the point made by Bailey over Mark’s loose ways, there was even a club formed against him by the nurses of the hospital. This gets forgotten by viewers of Grey’s Anatomy, but the fact the group was made was how Mark ended up Lexie as sought to change his ways.

Before that, it appeared as if Mark had been physical with every nurse on staff as they all banded together against him afterward. How about having some principles yourself, though, ladies?

19 Big age difference with Lexie

It’s a surprise how well Mark and Lexie formed together as a couple as on paper they weren’t all that great. He was an attending while she was just an intern. Meanwhile, she was known to be someone looking for a real relationship while Mar wanted anything but that.

The biggest contrast, however, was the fact that Mark was way older than her. He was born in 1968 while she was born in 1984. That’s a clean sixteen-year gap, which might make some feel uneasy.

18 Being with Callie despite knowing she was with George


Mark and Callie would get together more times than you could count over the course of Grey’s Anatomy, but the first time it happened it wasn’t so squeaky clean. In what was a Friends-like “We were on a break” scenario, Callie thought she and George were broken up while George thought it was only a fight. Regardless, Callie and Mark ended up getting together.

This began estrangement between Callie and George, while Mark got off scot-free because no one made him feel guilty about shattering someone else’s relationship.

17 Being with Callie despite her being vulnerable

Okay, at some point you have to accept that Callie was also a guilty party. In fact, Callie was guiltier than Mark was in all cases, but since we’re here talking about Mark, we’ll have to bring up the time when he and Callie got together after she and Arizona broke up.

This was the conception of Sofia, but the circumstances weren’t all good. Mark knew Callie was feeling vulnerable when she offered herself up to him; instead of being a proper friend and turn her down, he complied.

16 Not knowing he had an adult daughter


He might not have had knowledge of her existence, but it’s because of his debauchery that this happened in the first place. In Season 6, Shonda Rhimes came up with a soap opera kind of story when she conjured up a daughter out of nowhere for Mark. Within the story, Mark was unaware she had ever been born and then took her in.

You can’t deny that had Mark not been involved with any woman that moved he would’ve known he had fathered a child.

15 Overlooking his daughter's faults

His daughter was no better than him and revealed she was pregnant. Did we mention she was all of 18-years-old? Perhaps it was a like father like daughter scenario, but Sloan (ridiculously given her father’s surname as her first name) was an annoying pill to swallow.

She made it near impossible for Mark and Lexie’s relationship to continue by being the third wheel to them – an extra loud and obnoxious third wheel that is. Mark overlooked that, which led to Lexie dumping him.

14 Breaking promise with Derek

Yes, Mark and Lexie were a cute couple and all that, but their relationship should never have started in the first place.  Meredith knew Mark would jump on Lexie given the chance and asked Derek to prevent Mark from doing so. Thinking Mark had changed his ways, Derek made him promise that Little Grey was off limits.

What did our boy Sloan do? He did the opposite, of course. Admittedly, it was Lexie who approached him, but no one forced Mark to go through with it.

13 Too Late of a realization

While you might have shed a lot of tears when Lexie passed away, it was silly that she and Mark only confessed their undying love when she was passing away. Before that, Mark hadn’t professed his love for her. Instead, things had been left ambiguous before they had taken that ill-fated flight.

Although it ended up looking tragically romantic that they revealed a mutual love for one another in her last breaths, it could have been avoided had he opened his mouth earlier and said it.

12 Sending Jackson to spy on Lexie

Mark and Lexie weren’t above petty methods used to make the other jealous or spy on another. In Season 7, when he and Lexie were once again separated (seriously, these two had a lot of on-off moments), Mark devised a new plan to fond out what Lexie was up to or if she was dating someone.

He used his resident Jackson to go spy on her; this backfired on him when Jackson himself took to Lexie and began dating her behind Sloan’s back. That’s karma for you, Mark.

11 Hypocritical Anger

The guys who are with loads of women ironically turn out to be the ones who get really upset when their own woman has been with someone else. Mark was this kind of guy too as his incident with Lexie in Season 6 will attest.

Mark had earlier gotten together with Addison on Private Practice, but chose to reveal this to Lexie. When she revealed her own thing with Alex around the time Mark had been with Addison, he flew off the handle and ended things.

10 Unfaithful to a committed Addison

Derek Shepherd and Addison Montgomery Grey's Anatomy

Addison getting together with Mark before the show started was what drove Derek away to Seattle. While Derek thought Addison had acted out due to their failing marriage, she revealed she had been in love with Mark and had had a proper relationship with him after Derek left.

Had Mark been as committed as her, Addison’s plans had been to stay with him. But Mark, being the hound he is, got together with someone else while Addison had thought they were firmly together.

9 he had three children and yet never matured

Maybe you could have one child and excuse yourself as an inexperienced person, perhaps a second child could also be met with the same excuse; a third is when you yourself are an inherently immature man. Mark had three children, yet continued his ways of debauchery.

He had already had a child (Sloan) who knew nothing of him, a child (the one with Addison) taken away before it could be born, and a third he didn’t have sole custody of. Yet, he still jumped on a woman the first chance he got.

8 Flirting with Meredith

McSteamy showed up in Season 2 out of the blue. His motives were to find Addison and take her back with him, but he couldn’t control himself again and flirted with Meredith before he found Addison.

This got him a big punch from Derek, who was livid Mark could ever be with Meredith. And yet, this did nothing to deter Mark and he continued to hit on Meredith. Let’s not forget he had arrived to take Addison back; then why was he still hunting for women?

7 Claiming he only came to Seattle for Derek

All that talk about coming to Seattle for Addison only served him well until Addison flew off to Privat Practice. After that, it seemed as if Mark didn’t have any more reason to stick around Grey’s Anatomy until the show retconned his motives.

In Season 4, an apologetic Mark approached Derek and told him he never came for Addison, and had only wanted Derek back. If that was the case, why did he continue to get together with Addison after he’d come to Seattle?

6 Trying to get together with Addison every time he met her

The relationship of Mark and Addison had always been a weird one. On one hand, they’d had a lot of history and intense moments that you can’t just forget. On the other hand, they spoke to one another as if they had been lifelong friends after Derek and Addison’s divorce.

However, Marl always saw Addison as a quick person to get into bed, judging by how he propositioned her every time they met. In Season 4, he offered to do so when she was visiting, and got his wish when he appeared on Private Practice.

5 The Reason For His passing

The passing of Mark Sloan came seemingly out of nowhere for fans who had been following Grey’s Anatomy closely for years. As it happened, Lexie was crushed underneath the crashed airplane while Mark passed away due to internal injuries suffered.

He had a “surge” of health in the following weeks and ultimately passed away. According to Shona Rhimes, she didn’t feel Mark’s exit as a grieving lover would’ve made sense and wanted him and Lexie to pass away together because it made their love stay pure.

4 the actor is younger than those who played his interns

For some reason, Grey’s Anatomy liked to cast actors in different age ranges despite them being older or younger than the characters. For instance, Eric Dane was only 34 when he was cast as the attending Mark. Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo, who played an intern, was 37 around the same time!

Their characters, however, had big age differences: Mark was born in 1968, while Meredith in 1978. Doesn’t get much more lopsided than that, does it? Patrick Dempsey is also six years older than Eric Dane.

3 The reason he was written off

Mark was on Grey’s Anatomy for a relatively long six years before he was written out, or you could say killed off. The reason for this wasn’t because of storyline reasons; instead, his exit was required because Eric Dane didn’t want to play McSteamy anymore.

Eric had been cast in the lead role in the apocalyptic drama The Last Ship and couldn’t pass on the opportunity. We can’t say we blame him either; a lead role versus a role in an ensemble are two very different opportunities.

2 The timing of the break up with Julia

None of us bought that Mark could ever have seriously been involved with Julia when Lexie was shown to be in love with him. But the show did try to convince us until Lexie passed away. After that, while Mark was on his deathbed, he chose to break up with Julia as he didn’t want to dishonor Lexie’s memory.

This doesn’t really make sense as it only hurt poor Julia and did nothing for anyone else. He could’ve made her feel loved before he passed away instead.

1 Laughing at Richard when he was going through a midlife crisis

James Pickens Jr as Chief Richard Webber in Grey's Anatomy

Mark’s immaturity was on clear display in Season 3 when he didn’t hide his amusement at poor Richard’s situation. The chief had been going through a separation with his wife and having a mid-life crisis when he dyed his hair color.

Seeing through this, Mark couldn’t contain his laughter and broke down, along with Derek, when standing nearby the chief. It was a pretty low thing to do; poor Richard was already embarrassed. Well, Mark never lived long enough to get to that age anyway.


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