Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Hilarious Meredith Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

There are some TV shows that lend themselves to memes better than others, and Grey's Anatomy is at the top of that list. The drama about doctors at Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital is now airing its 16th season, so it's safe to say that it has as many fans as ever, and those fans can't get enough.

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While there are memes about all of the cast members, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) seems particularly well suited to this format as she's equal parts tragic and humorous. Sure, she's had (definitely more than) her fair share of bad things happen, but she's got a sense of humor and she can crack a witty joke like no one else. Here are 10 hilarious Meredith Grey memes that only true fans will understand.

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10 The Four Stages

This is definitely a great Meredith Grey meme that only true fans will understand since it deals with the exact experience you have when watching the show. Just like the four faces of Meredith in this funny meme, you start off happy, so excited to have a brand new episode of Grey's Anatomy to watch. Then you're wondering what's going on and a bit skeptical. Then you're not thrilled with the outcome. And then, finally, you're bawling your eyes out, just like Meredith's infamous cry face (which is kind of like Dawson Leery's cry face...).

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Sometimes, like in the season 11 episodes after Derek's death, fans don't even go through these four stages. They're just crying the whole time and look a lot like Meredith in the very last frame.

9 Good Night

This is such a hilarious meme that everyone can relate to, especially if they have toddlers or little ones who aren't that interested in bedtime these days.

But it's also a hilarious meme that only true fans of Grey's Anatomy will understand since, much like Olivia Pope on Scandal and her glasses of wine, Meredith does enjoy a nice strong drink. In the good old days, she and her best friend Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) would head to Joe's after a particularly tough day at the hospital and get some drinks. It started becoming a big part of the show, and even the characters seemed to poke fun at their need for some liquid courage from time to time.

8 So Sad But So True

On the one hand, this is a pretty exact description of Grey's Anatomy, and on the other hand, it's a hilarious meme that only true fans can understand. Loyal viewers of this TV drama know that at this point, it feels like no one is safe on the series and anyone could die at basically any moment.

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It does become pretty funny after a while. It's hard for long-time fans to really get shocked when these deaths happen, especially if it's in a season finale or an important mid-season episode. It's become a bit of a running joke among the people who are still hanging in there and watching this show, 16 seasons later. How many more people does Meredith have to lose and say goodbye to?!

7 10 Years Later

This might seem like dark humor to some, and sure, it is... but to true fans of Grey's Anatomy, this meme is hilarious and also makes perfect sense.

Meredith has been left behind by so many characters and is still standing, 16 seasons later. This really does feel like her "10 year challenge" and it's a great take on that popular social media post that literally everyone you follow was posting a little while back.

6 That Time Of The Year Once Again

Anyone can relate to this Meredith Grey meme, whether they're in school or working, because there comes a point in the year when it's definitely time for a break. It could be in March when students are on spring break and everyone else is waiting for summer, or it could be in December when holiday vibes are super strong. (Okay, it's probably both).

During that time of the year when a break is badly needed, you totally look like Meredith Grey in the two images in this hilarious meme.

5 It's A Skill

Finally, a hilarious meme about something that every fan of Grey's Anatomy can relate to: the learned skill of eating lunch, dinner, or a snack while watching a dramatic, fun episode that just so happens to feature a crazy surgery.

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Sure, at first you wonder if you really can stomach your dinner while tuning into the show. After all, surgery and food don't really mix. You're bound to get grossed out, right? Well, fans of this show are total pros by now and don't even blink when watching the doctors perform surgery. It's like background noise at this point.

4 We Love Meredith

Literally no one on TV is as moody as Meredith Grey, which is what makes this meme hilarious and perfect for true fans who have stuck with the show for this long.

Meredith definitely doesn't care what people think about her, which is she's often frowning or making weird faces or just looks pissed off most of the time. True, loyal fans know something important, though: Meredith is actually super soft inside, and she's more emotional than most people know.

3 We're Very Attached

There are people who don't think that getting emotionally attached to TV characters is a logical, smart idea. Then there are the rest of us who don't see another way of being.

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For those true fans of Grey's Anatomy who feel everything that Meredith Grey feels and who are very invested in her (fictional) life, this is the funniest meme ever.

2 Job Hunting Is The Worst

If someone who has never seen Grey's Anatomy saw this meme, they would smile or laugh since the overall message is hilarious. Everyone wants to get the position that they've applied for, of course.

But this is an even funnier meme for fans of the show and it's an important quote said by Meredith Grey. She wants Derek to pick her over Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh), his wife, and it's a big deal that she's opening up like this. These words are so famous that fans can probably even recite the whole speech by heart. While you might want to repeat this quote to your potential employer, it might not work out that well.

1 We Hope This Never Happens

Cristina and Meredith have never looked more miserable, and it's also how you've going to look when Grey's Anatomy finally finishes its run.

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It's impossible to imagine that day ever coming, though. After all, 16 seasons is a lot, and true fans still adore the show and watching Meredith and her coworkers go about their days. So let's not think about that day. Let's just keep watching and rooting for Meredith to finally find some peace and happiness.

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