Grey’s Anatomy: 10 Hilarious Mark Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Grey's Anatomy is truly great. Aside from being able to convince pretty much every fan that they are now doctors after binge-watching the show, it also blessed us with a plethora of great characters, strong plot lines, and laugh-out-loud moments that are hard to forget. The show is also incredibly tragic, and we dare you to find a single fan out there who hasn't shed a ton of tears over the course of the last few years. We're still mending our broken hearts over some of these cry-worthy moments.

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One of the characters that gave us all of the above was, of course, Mark Sloan. Doctor McSteamy might be gone, but he will never be forgotten. And because there's no better cure for sadness than a good dose of laughter, we decided to honor Mark Sloan's memory by presenting you with 10 hilarious memes.

10 I Have The Perfect Solution!

It's no secret to anyone that Dr. Sloan very much enjoyed the company of beautiful women. It's part of who he was, and it made for a pretty awesome story of emotionally unavailable man meets witty woman who he falls deeply in love with — yes, we're looking at you, Lexie Grey.

But before this love story happened, McSteamy was running around bedding pretty much every intern that came his way. We don't want to judge what happens between consenting adults, but it the fact that McSteamy seemed to have more dalliances than patients was a little ridiculous.

9 It's True In Our Minds

If you don't own this mug, you might want to make your way to Amazon-land and get your own. Because let's be honest, at least once in our lives, we were all thinking it. We ;ve gone to sleep thinking about Mark Sloan, and we woke up thinking about Mark Sloan. And in our minds, we were all dating him for a while.

It's not the first time a mug represents a whole mood, but this one definitely takes the cake for the most relatable piece of kitchen hardware in the world. Just sayin'.

8 Naughty McSteamy


Whoever created this meme probably wasn't the first person to think about this scenario. He's a fictional doctor nicknamed McSteamy. Need we say more?

7 The Only Inspiration You'll Ever Need

You know the old saying, "We don't know what's longer — a treadmill minute or a microwave minute?" Well, anyone who has spent anytime on a treadmill is probably going to lean towards the first option. Running is hard, and as much as we want to be fit and healthy and all that good stuff, sometimes we just don't want to do it.

Thankfully, there is the perfect solution for fans of Grey's Anatomy. You heard it here first — next time you're running, just picture Mark Sloan waiting for you at the finish line, Guaranteed you'll break your personal record. That's the power of McSteamy!

6 How Can He Even Hold It?

The power of nicknames is very real. God bless Christina Yang and Meredith Grey back when they were young interns who very much struggled to keep it together in the presence of Derek, and later, Mark. Again, it's not like we can blame them. Plus, if it weren't for those two, most of these memes probably wouldn't even exist.

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McSteamy is definitely a great nickname, first because it's accurate, and second because it's super accurate. We're still trying to figure out how that bowl managed to stay whole and didn't start melting.

5 The Dream Team

What happens when a McDreamy and a McSteamy congregate in the same space? One thing is for sure  — all the thermometers in a two-hundred mile radius would achieve temperatures never before recorded in the history of mankind. So much for climate change being a hoax!

Either way, this is the ideal mix to create what shall henceforth be known as a McAwesome mix. Look at those two — they look so happy together. Too bad Shonda Rhimes had to step in and ruin it. We still love her, though! After all, she did give us this dream team.

4 We Don't Even Know

No shade and no disrespect towards all the brilliant actors and actresses that bring to life the magnificent characters we've seen on Grey's Anatomy over the course of the past few years. Truly, if there is one show where there isn't one core character and everyone matters at the same level, this would be it.

But with that being said...we have to admit that Christina's departure and Mark's death hurt the show. When you lose two charismatic characters, the fans are bound to feel it.

3 High School Mark Sloan

It's always fun to imagine how the characters of a certain television show or movie would behave if we were to completely change the setting. Think if Riverdale happened in a hospital and, in this case, if Grey's Anatomy took place in a high school. It's a pretty fun thought experiment.

And in Mark's case, we just so happen to think this meme hits the nail on the head. Insta-famous? Check. Making inappropriate jokes at the expense of teachers? Check. Questionable fashion choices? Double-check!

2 Nope.

Look, we're still not over it, we will never be over, and no one will ever be over it. There were more than just a few heartbreaking deaths in the history of Grey's Anatomy, and we get it. It's a drama, and real-life isn't perfect, and yada yada yada. Guess what? We're still not over it!

Bless you, Shonda, for creating such a beautiful world, full of amazing characters. But why, oh why, do you insist on breaking our hearts time and time again? Mark Sloan deserved so much better.

1 Excuse Me...?

Because we don't want to end this list on a sour note, we've decided to end it with a bang, bringing back the McTeam. Did you really expect for a list of memes about Mark Sloan to not include a McFlurry pun? Yeah, we thought so.

And now the question remains — if you had to choose between a delicious McFlurry and Dr. McDreamy and McSteamy, which way would your heart point to? Philosophical questions all around...

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