Grey's Anatomy: 5 Couples That Are Perfect Together (& 5 That Make No Sense)

Grey's Anatomy might be a medical drama, but it comes from strong romantic comedy roots. The focus on romance has lessened some over the years, but it remains a firm part of Grey's foundation. We've seen many couples come and go over the sixteen seasons.

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We'll surely see many more before the show comes to an end. We're taking a look at some of the couples that were perfect together, and those that weren't.

10 Perfect Together: Teddy and Henry

When Teddy Altman was first introduced into the Grey's Anatomy universe, she was meant to serve a romantic foil to the Owen and Cristina relationship. It was established that Owen and Teddy had a romantic history. That didn't stop her from moving on from Owen and embarking on a doctor-patient relationship with Henry Burton.

Sadly, the two weren't meant to be as Henry eventually succumbed to his heart condition. Henry and Teddy even got married so that Henry could use her health insurance. Despite the pair not getting to spend much time together, they made an impact on fans.

9 Make No Sense: Owen and Amelia

Owen Hunt is not the best boyfriend. He has frequently had issues with many of his girlfriends on the series based on his desire to have children. Yet despite his wish, he continually gets involved with women who don't want kids, like he might be able to change them. Owen and Amelia were always a strange pairing. They never had much chemistry.

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They frequently butted heads due to Amelia's unwillingness to have kids. She also wasn't interested in adoption when the time came. Now Amelia is pregnant with Link's baby, and Owen doesn't take the news well, despite the fact he is in a happy relationship with Teddy. They were just never compatible, and Owen's feelings for Teddy were another factor in that.

8 Perfect Together: Mark and Lexie

When people think about the epic romances on Grey's Anatomy, Mark and Lexie, or "Slexie" as dubbed by fans, often comes up. The two had an exciting relationship due to the large age-gap between them. That said, the actors had undeniable chemistry, and it was fun to watch their relationship develop.

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Sadly, even though they truly loved each other, they weren't together at the end. Many fans will never forgive show creator Shonda Rhimes for splitting them up and then killing both characters off. But there were some behind-the-scenes reasons for the departure of the actors.

7 Make No Sense: Owen and Cristina

Owen and Cristina was another misstep for Owen Hunt. In the beginning, the couple made sense. Cristina needed someone much different from Burke. Their personalities complemented each other at first. But then it eventually became apparent that Owen and Cristina wanted very different things. The conflict between them was not dissimilar to what happened between Cristina and Burke.

Men always thought they could persuade Cristina to be a housewife and mother, she never wanted that. Owen also treated Cristina horrendously when she decided to get an abortion. Then there's the whole PTSD incident where Owen violently tried to choke Cristina in his sleep.

6 Perfect Together: Meredith and Derek

Meredith and Derek are the staple romantic relationship of the series. Many people don't think Derek was a good match for Meredith, but ultimately, they're the couple that people are going to remember the most. However, it is a tribute to Ellen Pompeo and Meredith's character that the show has continued onward in the wake of Derek's death despite him being one of the leads.

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The chemistry between Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey sizzled off the screen. It was fun to watch them grow together both as people and as doctors. They complimented each other in surgery and shared a medical partnership that no other couple has matched.

5 Make No Sense: Callie and George

Poor Callie. She was one of the best characters in the series, and yet she always had the worst love interests. She was treated poorly by everyone she dated, including George O'Malley. For starters, George should never have dated Callie to begin with due to his persistent feelings for Meredith.

To make matters worse, he cheated on Callie with Izzie Stevens. Callie cared for George way more than George ever cared for Callie. The two even had a shotgun wedding, which wasn't the smartest move, but George couldn't even manage to respect their vows, nonetheless Callie as his partner.

4 Perfect Together: Miranda and Ben

Miranda and Eli could never get on the same page. He didn't respect her medical profession enough, nor did he take her seriously as a career woman. Ben is Eli's polar opposite. As a fellow doctor, Ben understands the sacrifices and hard work that Bailey has to put into her job.

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He is understanding, genuine, and respectful of Bailey. They have had their fair share of ups and downs, but the two of them can still make your heart flutter. It has been sweet to see Bailey accept Ben's new career path as a firefighter.

3 Make No Sense: Meredith and Nathan

After Derek died, the Grey's writers struggled to find a new romantic partner for Meredith. To their credit, they did wait a long time to introduce any new potential suitors. Meredith needed time to grieve her husband. By the time she became ready to date again, Nathan Riggs had become the most viable match.

The problem is, Nathan and Meredith never meshed well. Their chemistry was forced, and Meredith's sister already had feelings for him. By the time they hooked up, it had become clear that the only thing they shared between them was physical attraction. Fans never warmed to the pair, and no one was all that sad to see him written off the series.

2 Perfect Together: Alex and Jo

Aside from Meredith, Alex Karev is the only original season one intern to stick it out for all 16 seasons. From nurses to doctors to patients, Karev's dating pool is wide and varied. His relationship with Jo Wilson (now Karev) is the longest and most solid one he's had on the series.

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The two make sense together. They're compatible. They share a lot in common due to their troubled upbringing. Most fans were ecstatic when the two of them finally tied the knot.

1 Make No Sense: Callie and Arizona

It's hard to put Callie and Arizona on this list because they were the only long-running gay relationship on the series for many years. In the beginning, Callie and Arizona were pretty great together. However, even at the beginning, Arizona didn't fully accept Callie's bisexuality. She worried that Callie "didn't know who she was yet." Once they became stable, they were a good match for a long time, until things got rocky again.

Arizona blamed Callie for her pain and anger after she was forced to amputate her leg post-plane crash. Then Arizona cheated on Callie. They broke up and even had an ugly custody battle, although it seems to be implied that they're back together again now with both actresses no longer on the series.

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