Grey's Anatomy Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses

The characters in Grey's Anatomy possess distinct personalities, so check where they would be placed if they were sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.

After fifteen years on the air and no end in sight, Grey's Anatomy remains very respected for having such a diverse cast of characters. It was always more character-focused than it was plot-driven, and that's what has caused so many fans to cherish it deeply.

The quality of Grey's has undeniably lacked in later seasons, with so many long-time viewers desperately missing the series' golden years. But Grey's Anatomy still excels when it comes to its characters. Let's take a look at some of the best, and which Hogwarts house they'd be sorted into, based on their personalities.

10 Richard Webber - Gryffindor

James Pickens Jr as Chief Richard Webber in Grey's Anatomy

Out of all the characters on Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Webber probably has the most Gryffindor traits. He spent his entire medical career at the hospital that is now known as Mercy West, and due to that - and his seemingly infinite wisdom - virtually all of his fellow doctors view him as a mentor.

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Richard definitely has all the positive traits of a Gryffindor, but he has conveyed some of those notorious negative traits as well. Most infamously, his arrogance led him to cheat on his wife with Ellis Grey, and though Richard has come a long way in terms of character development since then, that incident is one that fans won't soon forget.

9 Catherine Avery - Slytherin

Catherine's most defining personality trait is that of her unbridled ambition. Her stubborn demeanor and unfaltering confidence contributed largely to her success. Catherine is often portrayed as being manipulative, and it's through Jackson's eyes that this is expressed.

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Catherine fits the mold of a Slytherin with not only her negative qualities but her positive ones as well. She is resourceful and dug her way out of nothing to become a world-renowned surgeon.

8 Maggie Pierce - Ravenclaw


Intelligence is a Ravenclaw's most well-known trait, and it was what defined Maggie Pierce throughout her entire life. Growing up, she was always the "smart" kid. She excelled in school, graduated early, and was the youngest student of her class in medical school.

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As has been conveyed several times in Maggie's arcs, her intelligence and quick-wit often deemed her an outcast, and the show often portrays this as a recurring problem in Maggie's life.

7 Jackson Avery - Slytherin

Sarah Drew and Jesse Williams as April Kepner and Jackson Avery in Grey's Anatomy

Jackson Avery prides himself on being unlike his mother and the rest of the Avery family, when in fact this is not entirely true. Jackson may not be as cut-throat and ambitious as some of his relatives, but he does have that trademark Avery arrogance.

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What makes Jackson a Slytherin is probably what has also been his weakest trait as a character; the fact that he is ceaselessly power-hungry. His cunningness may have helped him career-wise, but it causes him to fall short when it comes to personal relationships.

6 Alex Karev - Gryffindor

Alex's evolution as a character is perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of Grey's Anatomy. He's changed for the better, in a way that most likely no one expected. In the beginning, it would seem absurd to peg the gruff, rebellious Dr. Karev as a Gryffindor.

Throughout the seasons, Alex has evolved into an astounding surgeon and a caring, selfless person, boasting several key Gryffindor traits.

5 Jo Karev - Ravenclaw

Jo made her first appearance in Grey's back in season 9, and since then, she has grown from a stereotypical, annoying intern (something that seemingly all the interns on the show fall victim to) to a fairly well-rounded, fleshed-out character.

Jo is portrayed as having had one of the hardest lives prior to starting her residency at Grey Sloan Memorial. She certainly had to work hard and dig her way out of nothing. She is resilient, self-sufficient, and intelligent, making her a good fit for Ravenclaw.

4 Miranda Bailey - Gryffindor

Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren in Grey's Anatomy

Miranda Bailey is purely, genuinely, inarguably good, making her an ideal fit for Gryffindor. She is probably the least morally ambiguous character on the show, and she has always demonstrated a strong drive to do the right thing. When Grey's first started airing on TV, Dr. Bailey was commonly referred to as "the nazi" due to her seemingly cut-and-dry nature.

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Miranda softens up as the series goes on, but her character development is perhaps the most impressive, because she always ultimately stayed true to herself.

3 Owen Hunt - Hufflepuff

There aren't a lot of Hufflepuffs on Grey's Anatomy, and that is mostly due to the fact that all of the characters are surgeons who thrive on cut-throat competition, something that is often associated with the houses, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

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Right now, Owen Hunt is probably the most Hufflepuff main character on the show. He has had a long run on Grey's, first appearing way back in season 4. In earlier episodes, Owen's personality was much more believable, but his characterization has suffered greatly since then.

2 Amelia Shepherd - Ravenclaw

After being a major character on Private Practice, Amelia moved over to Grey's following the spin-off series' conclusion. She conveniently arrived just in time to take Derek's place as Grey Sloan's head neurosurgeon, and although she was originally a very respectable character, her personality suffered upon starting a relationship with Owen Hunt.

But Amelia is still a Ravenclaw at heart, being very intelligent and creative in her surgical techniques.

1 Meredith Grey - Gryffindor

Meredith has certainly come a long way since the first season of Grey's. She's undergone a lot of development, some for the better, some arguably for the worst. She still remains, at heart, the Meredith Grey we all know and love, but many aspects of her personality have changed since we first met her.

Meredith is one of the most well-respected surgeons at Grey Sloan, and she is one of the only surgeons there who has won a prestigious Harper Avery Award. It's due to her genuinely good spirit, yet highly competitive and ambitious nature, that she is a Gryffindor.

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