Grey's Anatomy: 15 Photos That Would Get The Cast Kicked Out Of The ER

It's a well-known fact that the Grey's Anatomy cast can and will be killed off, locked up, or otherwise disposed of at any given moment depending on the whims of showrunner Shonda Rhimes. This is especially the case if said cast member gets up to some offensive, difficult, or otherwise problematic behavior behind the scenes.

For example, Katherine Heigl's many public complaints against the show and Rhimes herself soon ended her run, as did Isaiah Washington's career-ending (for a while, at least) attacks against co-star T.R. Knight.

Fans of Grey's Anatomy come for the characters, love stories, and stellar acting performances, but they stay for the behind-the-scenes drama and crazy set rumors.

It's impossible to figure out who's going to be next on the chopping block. It's almost as if Rhimes prefers to kill off her characters rather than write off the show normally. Rhimes is more dangerous to your favorite characters than Joss Whedon, and that's really saying something.

Yet, it's almost as if the Grey's characters can do no wrong. The medical drama has featured loads of dramatic storylines, from illicit love affairs to legal troubles to terrifying plane crashes. It seems like nothing is bad enough to get these docs kicked out of the emergency room... until now.

Here are the 15 Photos That Would Get The Grey's Anatomy Cast Kicked Out Of The ER.

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15 Katherine Heigl's accident

Perhaps Katherine Heigl's mouthy behavior is the reason why she was not invited to return to the show's epic 300th episode celebration. Instead, the writers preferred to merely refer to her once popular character Izzie Stevens.

After a horrific roller coaster accident, a group of patients come in with an uncanny resemblance to past characters on the show, Stevens being one of them. So while her character was a part of the show's milestone in spirit, Heigl herself most certainly was not.

This could almost have been chalked up to storyline or artistic license... if weren't for Rhimes's own comments on the matter. When discussing her new, strict hold on her sets and crew she explicitly called out Heigl, saying that she no longer had any tolerance for "bulls**t or nasty people."

14 Patrick Dempsey pondering

Doctors simply cannot be allowed to drink on the job, no matter how dreamy they look with their pensive gaze and scotch on the rocks. However, maybe the real reason why Patrick Dempsey would be kicked out of the ER is because of his hand in the death of the world's most eligible doctor. (Aside from George Clooney, of course.)

When Derek "McDreamy" Shephard was killed off after 11 seasons on the medical drama, fans were outraged. Backlash was aimed squarely at showrunner Shonda Rhimes, but Dempsey was quick to admit that he had decided it was time to bump off the character himself.

He had admitted to being incredibly grateful for his time on the show, but he really just wanted to be able to control his schedule again.

13 Jeffrey Dean Morgan's stare

Jeffrey Dean Morgan totally understood Patrick Dempsey's decision to murder Derek Stevens. He believed his one-time co-star to have become tired of the daily Grey's Anatomy grind and thought it made perfect sense for him to want to move on to newer things.

Morgan's stint on the medical drama was relatively short, but he was forever cemented in the hearts of viewers with his heartbreaking performance as dying romantic Denny Duquette.

Perhaps it was the shortness of his stint that caused him to admit his respect for Dempsey being able to stick with Grey's for ten whole years, a feat that Morgan said he didn't think he would be able to accomplish himself.

This is ironic, though, considering that he'll likely be locked into The Walking Dead for the next decade or so...

12 Kate Walsh, Katherine Heigl, And T.R. Knight having too much fun

Threesomes are inappropriate in the workplace... but we all know how much hooking up goes on at Seattle Grace Hospital, so maybe they'd let this one slide.

Despite all of the crazy Katherine Heigl drama, she and T.R. Knight remained friends long after leaving the show. When Knight married his longtime boyfriend in 2013, Heigl flew all the way to New York to attend the ceremony. That's real friendship right there.

Kate Walsh also remained friends with some of her former castmates. However, this only caused a lot of confusion and dashed hopes when she posted a selfie with Patrick Dempsey on the set of her Cigna commercial, implying that the two were back on the set of Grey's.

The lab coats and misleading caption, which stated "Look who's back," led fans to believe that a reunion was in the near future, but it was just a PSA about attending your yearly check-up.

11 Sandra Oh enjoying herself

While it certainly sounds as if much of the Grey's Anatomy cast could not wait to finally put an end to their run on the show, Sandra Oh was a different matter completely.

She did admit to being excited to embark on a new journey when she finally ended her ten-year run, and even described her last day of filming as "joyous" several times, but she also felt incredibly emotional at the thought of leaving the cast and crew behind her.

To show her appreciation for what had basically become her proxy family, Oh showed up with a whopping 250 gifts for the cast and crew on her last day of filming. The gift, of course, was wine, because as we've now learned, the Grey's cast love to party.

10 Katherine Heigl's late night

Katherine Heigl is smokin'... literally. We're pretty sure doctors advise against that, but here we are. The actress looks positively excited to be puffing on her cigarette, but what would Denny say?

Maybe she was just smoking to help blow off a little steam? Heigl was certainly quiet about her issues with the Grey's Anatomy set, especially when she felt that she didn't deserve an Emmy for her performance in 2008.

She had initially blamed the material, saying that Rhimes hadn't given her much to work with. However, she later admitted that she simply had no confidence in her own work and even ended up in therapy over the whole debacle.

She revealed that the media scrutiny and constant rumors of feuds between Rhimes and herself had deeply affected her emotionally.

9 Ellen Pompeo showcasing her favorite

While Katherine Heigl openly bashed Grey's, Ellen Pompeo wrote publicly gushy, romantic love letters to the series every chance that she got-- okay, not really. However, she has been very appreciative and grateful for the show, and adamant that fans know how dedicated she is to sticking it out.

Her reasoning for sticking around is both incredibly logical and sad at the same time: she thought she was too old for Hollywood when she began the show at 33 and certainly doesn't want to start over now.

Pompeo believes that her age would hurt her job prospects and doesn't think she would be able to find good roles once she left the series. Thankfully, she hasn't regretted her decision to stick with the show all of those years for a single second.

8 Justin Chambers in black and white

Here is Justin Chambers drinking and smoking simultaneously. We aren't going to get down on people for their perfectly legal vices, but this is a doctor's nightmare.

Of course, it's not a shocker to see Chambers holding succumbing to both of these weaknesses, as he was very open for his love of the nightlife in his earlier acting days and was not afraid to hit the town by himself. However, it was another thing entirely that led to his downfall.

For years, Chambers had suffered from a disorder that prevented him from sleeping at night. (No wonder he was always out and about at night.) At one point, this got so bad that he was only sleeping one hour week and was desperately seeking help.

Chambers checked himself into the same psych ward that pop princess Britney Spears would eventually inhabit in an effort to get some much-needed rest.

7 Eric Dane running errands

Grey's Anatomy just isn't everyone's bag-- even for some of its very own actors. Eric Dane has seen the show, of course, just not very much of it.

He admitted in an interview that he had only ever seen three episodes of his iconic run as McSteamy, but it had nothing to do with the show itself. Dane was nothing but gracious in his description of Shonda Rhimes and the rest of the crew, who he claimed to still be friends with even years after leaving the show. He simply didn't like seeing himself on TV.

Dane did, however, watch himself in his subsequent series The Last Ship. Why? Because he wanted to see how many of his creative ideas turned up in the show.

It turns out that the actor was so chock full of great ideas that the writers would take him up on them often. However, he did admit that he would occasionally become critical of himself while watching his acting despite of all his creative success.

6 Isaiah Washington suited up

One person most certainly absent from the "Good Old Friends" list is Isaiah Washington. Despite most reports alleging that Washington had used an inappropriate slur against co-star T.R. Knight while on set, Washington adamantly denied the altercation, claiming that he had been angrily arguing with Patrick Dempsey over when to begin a film shoot.

When he was asked about the incident in an interview, he revealed that only Sandra Oh had bothered to reach out to him after he was fired from the show.

Unlike co-star Katherine Heigl, Washington was invited back onto the show years later, to the great dismay of fans who still could not-- or would not-- forgive Washington's bigoted behavior. Sadly, it would appear that Rhimes had time for people who were "nasty" after all-- as long as they weren't nasty to her, of course.

5 Ellen Pompeo eating too much

Heaping piles of french fries are not part of a healthy diet, but don't tell that to Ellen Pompeo.

A lot of the Grey's Anatomy characters have died or have been written out-- Shonda Rhimes has even refused to bring back some of her former cast members, while others have refused the opportunity to return themselves. However, if anyone on the Grey's cast can feel a sense of job security, it's Pompeo.

Rhimes has openly admitted there is simply no Grey's Anatomy without Meredith Grey herself. Both Rhimes and Pompeo agreed that they would continue to give the show their all for as long as they possibly could.

If either of them ever decided they wanted to quit, it was all over, though they promised each other not to continue working on the series without each other.

4 Giacomo Gianniotti getting down and dirty

You're supposed to scrub up before entering the ER. However, in fairness, Giacomo Gianniotti looks like he's having an absolute blast here, which is certainly a far cry from how he would have described the last several seasons of Grey's Anatomy.

In fact, the actor described the series as downright "dreary" and full of loss earlier this year, though he promised a big turn around throughout season 14.

Gianniotti promised that season 14 would be "funnier, s*xier, and lighter." We'd say mission accomplished for sure. Of course, there were still a few tearjerking moments, but so far season 14 was all about self-discovery, new beginnings, and lots and lots of romance.

Finally, there were some happy moments for the Seattle Grace crew.

3 Kevin McKidd hanging out

Sometimes art imitates life... well, kind of. Kevin McKidd and ex-wife Jane decided to separate and eventually divorce after 17 years of marriage in 2016.

The split seemed to be relatively amicable, with the two promising to continue co-parenting and vowing to keep their children as their number one priority.

Just one year later, McKidd's character, Owen, saw himself separating from his own (fictional) wife Amelia in an impossibly friendly split. Despite this being Owen's second divorce (he was previously married to Cristina Yang's character) and the presence of multiple possible love interests in the wake of the separation, McKidd maintained his own belief that Owen should simply stay single for awhile, believing it would be good for him.

Let's hope that he was speaking from experience.

2 Jeffrey Dean Morgan on a night out

Jeffrey Dean Morgan may have been everyone's favorite Grey's Anatomy crush, and he may currently be everyone's favorite The Walking Dead villain, but neither of those shows appealed to his mother very much. Her favorite series was most definitely The Good Wife, which Morgan had never actually taken the time to watch before appearing on.

Despite being long-time friends with Good Wife co-star Julianna Margulies, Morgan admitted that he had never actually checked out his buddy's flagship show until the offer was made for him to join her on it.

He initially planned to watch a couple episodes just to get an idea of what he was signing up for, but he got so carried away that he watched five full seasons before he quit binging.

1 Kate Walsh enjoying lunch

Unsurprisingly, despite playing a doctor on TV, Kate Walsh was still completely unprepared for her own diagnosis. However, she did sort of see her own doctors as celebrities themselves, in a weird sort of way-- she admitted that the doctors seemed so untouchable and god-like, that she hated to approach them. However, she powered through her inhibitions and just kept asking questions anyway.

She also admitted that, despite being so closely linked to the medical world, she would have rather changed her diet or exercise regimen in the past than had to visit a medical professional.

Now, she fully realizes how important healthcare is and is a big proponent of self-care, hence her cooperation with the Cigna PSA and her efforts to encourage people to visit their own doctors.


What do you think? Would these photos get the cast of Grey's Anatomy kicked out of Seattle Grace's ER? Let us know in the comments!

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