10 Characters On Grey's Anatomy That Are Actually BF Worthy

Grey's Anatomy has produced some fine boyfriends and we've collected the very best of them

Grey's Anatomy has no shortage of amazing and adorable relationships. From the very first season, viewers were introduced to popular pairings such as Derek and Meredith and Izzie and Denny. As the show progressed, even more couples were established for fans to enjoy and debate over.

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Admittedly there have been a few couples that fell flat (Jackson and Maggie, we're looking at you mainly) but on the whole, Grey's has had a moderately successful relationship with its relationships. There have also been a surprising number of kind and charming boyfriends on the show who the audience frequently fall in love with. Here are 10 characters that are actually BF worthy.

10 Dr Levi Schmidt

By far the cutest doctor on this list, Levi started off his time on the show by being possibly one of the most annoying interns ever. He was so awkward and sensitive that watching him just became hard work. All of this changed, however, when Levi realized he was gay in Season 15.

Almost instantly, Levi became more confidant and likable as he adjusted to his sexuality. He refused to go by demeaning nicknames, and replaced his glasses with contact lenses, something he had been reluctant to do before. As a result, Dr Schmidt became one of the most popular characters almost overnight.

9 Dr Nico Kim

Another new addition to the revolving door of Grey's Anatomy characters, Nico first appeared in Season 15 and developed an instant attraction to Levi. His attempts at flirting were incredibly hot and it was adorable watching Nico's delight at getting Levi all flustered.

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Nico had already come out prior to arriving at Grey Sloan Memorial, so he was completely comfortable with himself and his sexuality, which was refreshing to see. His relationship with Levi is one of the best things to come out of the show's recent seasons and, despite a couple of rough patches, their relationship looks set to go the distance.

8 Dr Derek Shepherd

This list wouldn't be complete without mentioning the surgeon who successfully dated and married the titular character. From the moment Derek appeared, Meredith was clearly captivated by him, no matter how much she tried to deny it.

For the most part, Derek was a great boyfriend who was one of the few people who understood Meredith and what she needed. To be fair, it did take him a while and his behavior was a little obnoxious at one point, but he learned from his mistakes and evolved to become a loving and supportive husband and father.

7 Dr Atticus 'Link' Lincoln

Poor Link. He was introduced in Season 15 and quickly proved himself to be one of the most selfless and caring doctors to ever grace the halls of Grey Sloan, and that's saying something. Throughout the season, he attempted to woo Meredith and Amelia with varying degrees of luck.

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While Meredith initially showed some interest, she ultimately decided to couple up with DeLuca. Link had a bit more luck with Amelia and the two established a sex-only relationship. However, because this is Grey's after all, feelings began to develop on both sides leaving the other unsure of where this arrangement was heading.

6 Henry Burton

Viewers were desperate for Henry and Teddy to get together already. With the Owen-Teddy-Cristina love triangle having been played out in the previous season, the air was ripe for Dr Altman to start dating in earnest. Unfortunately, she was with the hospital therapist at the time.

When Henry first appeared, he was a patient of Teddy's suffering from Von-Hippel-Lindau syndrome who couldn't afford vital surgery and didn't have any insurance. This lead to Teddy marrying him so he could share her insurance. What started as a marriage of convenience soon became one of love and Henry made Teddy truly happy, for a short while at least.

5 Denny Duquette

Denny was the original adorable patient who fell in love with his doctor and he was even more charming than Henry, if that's even possible. Denny had a dodgy heart and was waiting for a transplant for a new one. Izzie Stevens was assigned to be his doctor.

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Denny had a wicked sense of humor and an affability that made everyone feel at ease around him. It wasn't hard to see why Izzie began to fall in love with him. He was charismatic and cheeky and he and Izzie seemed the perfect match. He also had a strong moral compass and almost refused to let Izzie steal a heart for him, only relenting when Izzie literally begged him through a stream of tears to do it for her.

4 Dr Mark Sloan

This is an odd choice because initially, Mark Sloan was a dog. He broke up his best friend Derek's marriage to Addison by sleeping with the latter, he arrived at Seattle Grace to win her back and promptly began sleeping around with the nursing staff, and he was basically an ass to everyone he met.

All this changed when Addison moved away and he met Lexie Grey. Lexie was a shy but enthusiastic intern and Mark was her boss. This pairing shouldn't have worked but somehow it did. Mark and Lexie were utterly adorable together and it made Mark a much better and more mature person, totally deserving of his place on this list.

3 Dr Tom Koracick

Like Mark, Tom wasn't the most likable character when he first appeared on the medical drama. He didn't sleep around as much as Mark, but he was abrasive and certainly rubbed people up the wrong way. However, there was something about him that was inherently charming and viewers were drawn to him.

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Teddy was also attracted to him and his sense of humor and the two began a very sweet but very complicated romance; Teddy was pregnant with Owen's child at the time. Of course, Owen was a complete jerk about it but Tom continued to support Teddy with surprisingly sweet gestures such as feeding her chips, and rubbing her feet. He even built her a baby cot!

2 Dr Alex Karev

Yet another doctor who started off as an inconsiderate and sexist idiot, who thought women were nothing more than obstacles to step on on his way to ultimate glory. Oh, how times have changed. Alex's character development is one of the oft-praised aspects of Grey's Anatomy due to how natural his evolution appeared.

Alex mellowing didn't happen overnight but there were signs right from the start that he was more than just a jackass in scrubs. Over time, Alex became more in tune with his feelings and less likely to strike out with his fists and as a result, he settled down into a mutually beneficial marriage with his wife Jo.

1 Dr Ben Warren

Miranda Bailey and Ben Warren are one of the longest-serving couples on the show and so clearly, they must be doing something right. Bailey was never emotionally unavailable but it took a special kind of man for her to settle down with.

Ben was always there for Bailey right from the start and was never afraid to stand up for himself and point out when Bailey was being unreasonable or wrong, which is one of the healthy things about this couple. Sure, Ben could do with being a little bit more secure on the job front but his commitment to Bailey has never been in question.

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