Grey's Anatomy: The 10 Worst Things Alex Karev Has Ever Done, Ranked

Alex Karev in Grey's Anatomy may be a better person now, but no one can ignore his faults. Here are the 10 worst things he has ever done, ranked.

Grey's Anatomy has seen a lot of characters come and go from the hospital, but the biggest character growth fans have seen develop is through Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). Currently one of the remaining original characters, Alex has quickly become a fan favorite with his attentive skills in pediatrics and his compassionate nature with friends.

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However, the surgeon has had to overcome the largest of obstacles as he allows his violent temper and personal grudges to cloud his judgment. From his humiliation of Izzie (Katherine Heigl) to Alex's treatment of George (T.R. Knight), here are the 10 worst things he has done, ranked.

10 Revealing Callie's infidelity

Although Alex revealed her infidelity to wind George up, Callie (Sara Ramirez) didn't deserve for the peds physician to get involved in her life. The grudge also led to Alex and George endangering bartender Joe's (Steven W. Bailey) partner when they got into a fight.

This fight was pointless considering the incident occurred when Callie and George were on a break. For weeks afterward, George gave Callie the cold shoulder. Alex didn't even apologize to the Ortho attending and allowed her to blame Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Mark (Eric Dane). He could have ruined George and Callie's relationship.

9 Humiliating Izzie

When Alex first came to the show, he was a very unlikable character. He was crass, rude and very arrogant towards his colleagues, often saying sexist and demeaning things. However, the biggest line he crossed was when he plastered Izzie's modeling photos across the locker room.

Considering he had expressed an interest in the blonde doctor, he went about getting her attention the wrong way. Degrading her for being 'Bethany Whisper', he proceeded to mock her in front of all their colleagues. Even though Alex tried to belittle her, it was great to see Izzie stand up for herself.

8 Neglecting Jo

For a brief spell, Alex and Jo's (Camilla Luddington) relationship was strained. Jo didn't mind Alex and Meredith's friendship, she just had a problem with the way the General attending treated her. She also didn't like the fact that Alex would always jump to Meredith's defense, even when Meredith did something wrong.

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This is true if fans consider the infamous dinner at Meredith's house where Penny (Samantha Sloyan) revealed she was joining Grey-Sloan. Meredith had her hauling the trash out of the house and Alex doesn't even save her a seat at the table. Even Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) notices him ignoring Jo. Although they are in a better place now, he didn't treat her with the respect she deserved.

7 The aftermath of Izzie's cancer

Alex had shown himself to be a supportive husband when Izzie was going through her chemotherapy. He ensured that she attended all her meetings and was eating regularly.

However, Alex let himself down when he revealed how exhausting it was to look after her. Since Izzie's memory seems to be reset, Alex was trying to help her regain her memories. When Izzie notices his frustrations, he reveals that they only got married because they thought she would be dead. He talks about how he feels trapped in the situation they were in now. Although Izzie told him to get it off his chest, he should have told someone else.

6 Keeping the bullet in his chest

Alex was one of the doctors who was traumatized by the shooting in season 6. After getting shot, fans were on tenterhooks to see if he survived. Luckily, they managed to get him to a hospital in time. However, fans were all shocked to discover that he kept the bullet in his chest.

Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was the only doctor who had the sense to pull him up on it. She couldn't understand why he would want a reminder of that day nor risk his health. If the wound got infected, it would have all been for nothing. Regardless if it "attracted tail", the surgeon in Alex should have known better.

5 Cheating on Izzie

After weeks of pursuing Izzie, Alex was finally able to win her over. In season 2, fans saw a softer side to Alex when the couple go on several dates. However, he suffered a crisis of confidence when he struggled to get intimate with Izzie and failed his board exams.

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As a result, he cheated on Izzie with nurse Olivia (Sarah Utterback) - the woman he gave syphilis to. What made it worse was that Izzie had been looking for him and walked in on the two mid-hook-up. Any trust built between the two was destroyed.

4 Abandoning Lexie

In season 6, Lexie (Chyler Leigh) and Alex were seen to start a relationship after the Pediatric surgeon's divorce came through. The couple faced their biggest test in the season's finale when Alex had been shot by Gary Clark (Michael O'Neill), who was on the hunt for Lexie, Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Richard (James Pickens, Jr).

Thanks to Mark and Lexie, Alex came out of the incident alive. However, Lexie soon had a mental breakdown after her PTSD got worse. Instead of helping her through this tough time, Alex abandoned her and left Mark to make the tough decisions. His actions eventually led to the couple breaking up.

3 Treatment towards George

Straight from the beginning, everyone knew Alex didn't like George. The pediatric surgeon had a huge feud with O'Malley after he gave George's girlfriend syphilis and continued to belittle him every chance he got. However, even though Alex has shown respect to George occasionally, it has only appeared in the aftermath of his death.

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Alex has confessed that he had disliked the surgeon because he was jealous and insecure about George's skills. He had also told Meredith and Cristina (Sandra Oh) that he doesn't like thinking about George because he's then reminded of Izzie and the pain she left behind when she disappeared. It's a shame that he couldn't tell this to George before it was too late.

2 Grassed Meredith up

Meredith and Alex's friendship is one of the fans' favorites. On several occasions, the pair have been seen as each other's confidants; Meredith became a source of comfort after his divorce to Izzie, whilst Alex provided the same support after Derek's death.

However, their friendship became strained when both began to compete for Chief Resident. Alex revealed to Owen (Kevin McKidd) that Meredith had tampered with the Alzheimer's trial, which caused her to get fired. As a result, Meredith kicked him out of her house. It did take a while for him to earn her trust back.

1 Beat up Deluca

Fans were horrified when Alex nearly beat Deluca (Giacomo Gianniotti) to death. The Grey-Sloan resident was a victim of a brutal assault after Alex believed he was taking advantage of Jo. Instead of allowing Andrew to defend himself, Alex jumped to conclusions and beat him up.

When Alex was arrested, loyalties at Grey-Sloan were divided. Deluca was ostracized by many doctors, with the resident believing Meredith was blackmailing him to not testify. Everyone was treating Alex as if he was the victim when he was the aggressor; he would have rightly deserved to be put in jail.

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