Gremlins Returning to Theaters for Holiday Event

Joe Dante's classic horror-comedy Gremlins is returning to theaters just in time for Christmas, complete with special extras for fans. While there are plenty of great, traditional Christmas classics for audiences to enjoy each holiday season - such as It's a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, and Home Alone - those who love a little more edge to their Christmas movies have long-championed Gremlins, a Steven Spielberg-produced tale of the titular creatures wreaking havoc on the small town of Kingston Falls.

Gremlins is famous for many things, but perhaps its most well-known contribution to pop culture is Gizmo - pictured above - a cute little creature called a mogwai. Gizmo is as loyal and friendly as he is adorable, but mogwai come with rules, and when those rules are broken, the cuddly mogwai spawn destructive gremlins. While Gizmo is the film's most recognizable character, the gremlins themselves provide many of the best moments, destroying property, attacking innocents, and even killing people.

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For those not able to experience Gremlins' original theatrical release in 1984 - or the handful of brief re-releases the film has seen since - Warner Bros. is set to bring back director Dante's most-enduring work to theaters, just in time for Christmas. These revival screenings are only being held in the U.S. though, so those elsewhere are out of luck. Interested fans can visit this website to find out where and when Gremlins is screening closest to them.

The screenings begin on December 8, and end on December 26. Just about every state will get at least one screening, although bigger markets like California and New York will obviously get more. Fans won't be treated to just the film itself though, as a special conversation with Dante will also be shown, offering a behind the scenes look at the making of one of the 80s' biggest hits. Fans in attendance will also get an exclusive Mondo t-shirt, designed by Rhys cooper. This shirt will serve to kickoff Mondo's new line of Gremlins items.

While some diehards might argue that it would be better if WB had decided to bring Gremlins' also quite beloved sequel Gremlins 2: The New Batch back to theaters along with its progenitor, that film isn't set during the holidays, so it wouldn't really make sense to include it as part of this particular release. Either way, the original Gremlins is definitely worth seeing as a way to celebrate the season, and will ensure that fans have much merrier Christmas memories than Kate Beringer (Phoebe Cates).

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Source: Warner Bros.

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