Gremlins Animated TV Show In The Works At WarnerMedia's Streaming Service

An animated Gremlins series is in the development stage at WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service. The previously announced streaming service is expected to launch a beta version in late 2019.

The first Gremlins movie premiered in 1984. Despite debuting in the summer months, many film fans consider it a non-traditional Christmas movie. The beloved comedy horror centers on a young man named Billy (Zach Galligan), who's gifted an adorable little creature called a mogwai as a pet. The innocent furball named Gizmo is harmless, except for the fact that it has the ability to spawn other creatures that aren't so innocent. After Billy breaks the key rules of raising a mogwai, he unleashes a group of destructive gremlins on the town of Kingston Falls.

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According to a report by Variety, the animated Gremlins series would serve as a period piece with a focus on Mr. Wing. The man, played by actor Keye Luke, owned Gizmo before Billy's father purchased the friendly mogwai. His name wasn't even revealed until the sequel, being only referred to as "grandfather" throughout the first film. The prequel series intends to showcase Mr. Wing's early years as he goes on various adventures with Gizmo.

Director and screenwriter Tze Chun is reportedly on board to direct and executive produce the Gremlins series. His TV credits include Once Upon a Time and Gotham. Chun also has a few feature films under his belt with Children of Invention and Cold Comes the Night. There's no timeline regarding the new series, as WarnerMedia's still untitled streaming service is not expected to air original content until 2020. Gremlins is just one of Warner Brother's in-house properties expected to be the basis of new programming.

With an animated Gremlins series on the way, it'll be interesting to see what unfolds with the rumored movie in the works. The film would be the third in the franchise, and was originally intended to be a sequel. Writer Chris Columbus later revealed the plans for the third film to be a reboot. Whether or not that film comes to fruition, fans of the cult classic would graciously accept another look into the lives of Mr. Wing and Gizmo.

Gremlins and its 1990 sequel Gremlins: The New Batch left a lasting legacy on movie lovers. The character of Gizmo is cherished for his charming behavior and innocent nature. The franchise as a whole is a massive commercial success, and continues to garner revenue from merchandise. Other movies have also been known to include nods to the fan-favorite film, most recently with an Easter Egg in Ready Player One. There's no question why WarnerMedia wants to expand on the Gremlins universe, as fans can never get enough of Gizmo.

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Source: Variety

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