Greg Berlanti Talks Green Lantern & The Flash

With news that Warner Bros. is pushing for their DC Comics film properties to be their next major franchise to replace Harry Potter, we can expect to hear a lot more in the near future about our favorite DC superheroes making their way to the big screen. It's already begun with Green Lantern starting production this week (check out the set photos) and news that director Christopher Nolan and David Goyer working on both Batman 3 and the Superman reboot.

Steve Weintraub at Collider had the chance to talk to Greg Berlanti at the red carpet for ShoWest yesterday where the young director was promoting his upcoming Josh Duhamel and Katherine Heigl starrer, Life as We Know It. In the brief interview, they touched on what we're really excited about; Green Lantern and The Flash. Berlanti both co-wrote the script for Green Lantern and is a producer for the big budget 3D epic. Interestingly, Berlanti is also rumored as being looked at to direct The Flash and these are the topics that pop up in the interview.

After a minute or so of discussing Berlanti's current project, Weintraub brought up the rumor of his name popping up as a possible director candidate for The Flash and you can see from the video, his side-stepping of the question and bringing the conversation back to his current project, Life as We Know It, and a television pilot he's working on for ABC. You can watch the video interview here and take from it what you will but I don't doubt they're talking with him about the project since they loved his work on Green Lantern.

What we've heard from the WB/DC camp in recent weeks is very exciting, especially with Green Lantern officially starting principal photography which is set to kickstart the big push for DC Comics spawning a live-action feature film franchise, comparable in scope to that of Marvel Studios' plans with Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and their team-up epic, The Avengers.

Hopefully with Nolan's involvement in Superman (hoping this means it ties in some way to Batman 3) and the hint of much more coming from DC from Warner Bros. Entertainment President Alan Horn at ShoWest, this will all lead to their own team-up film, Justice League. When asked about possible cameo apperances in Green Lantern, Berlanti said early drafts of the script included stuff like that - no doubt referring to the long-rumored Clark Kent/Superman cameo - but does say there will be some surprises in there for the fans and that Warner Bros. is very interested in this sort of thing now, more than ever.



In the interview, Berlanti also reveals that he grew up a comic book fan and spent a lot of time in Hollywood trying to get a gig writing for a comic book movie and Green Lantern was the one he found. Not that it is a requirement by any means to be a fan of the comics beforehand to work on such a project, but I always like the idea that the creative minds behind such a large-scale and important adaptation is being worked on by folks who are as passionate and knowledgeable about the subject and characters as I am. Needless to say, not much research was required for him to jump right into writing the project.

The one other quick topic they touch on in the discussion is that of the new trend in 3D filmmaking. Bertlanti says he prefers shooting in 3D as opposed to doing it post (like Warner Bros. recently did with Clash of the Titans) and since we know that nearly all Warner Bros. tentpole movies going forward will be in 3D, we can assume that if the Berlanti gets the gig helming The Flash that it'll be shot in 3D as opposed to the lesser-quality tacked-on effect in the post-production process. We still don't know which way they're going with Green Lantern but I expect it's the cheaper, quicker method they used with Clash of the Titans.

The Green Lantern cast stars Ryan Reynolds as the title character, Blake Lively as his love interest, Peter Sarsgaard as the villain Dr. Hector Hammond, Tim Robbins as the villain’s father, Senator Hammond, Mark Strong as Sinestro, Taika Cohen and Temuera Morrison.

Does Berlanti fit the bill to direct The Flash? Thoughts on all of these DC Comics-based films coming 3D?

I suppose the next big question becomes, "Who's should play The Flash?"

Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and opens June 17, 2011.

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Source: Collider

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