Green Light for Green Hornet With... Seth Rogen?

He's got two films coming within the next few months: This summer's The Pineapple Express (which I've heard nothing less than great things about so far) and Kevin Smith's Zack & Miri Make a Porno. Not to mention, he's in the middle of filming Observe and Report and has that currently untitled Judd Apatow/Adam Sandler "stand-up comedy" gearing up for production later this year.

And soon enough, believe it or not - Seth Rogen will be donning a mask and spandex.

Sony has officially given the green light to the superhero epic The Green Hornet which Rogen wrote with his Superbad co-writer and real-life buddy Evan Goldberg.

After much speculation, Rogen will indeed play the masked crime-figher and his newspaper editor alter-ego Britt Reid. There is currently no director assigned to the project. And God knows who will play Kato. Let's hope it's not McLovin!

I would have loved to have seen Kevin Smith helm it a few years back as originally planned. I really think he had it in him to deliver a quality superhero film.

That said, I'm totally game to see what Rogen and Goldberg have in mind.

The film is currently scheduled for a June 25, 2010 release.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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