Green Lantern Updates: Origins & Villains

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With pre-production on the upcoming DC/Warner Bros. live-action adaptation of Green Lantern well underway and casting announcements now coming out weekly, there's a lot of buzz on the web for fans of the emerald knight.

Today we'll be looking at some little tidbits of information for the movie and its cast coming from interviews with director Martin Campbell and star Ryan Reynolds. We'll look at how much of the movie will take place in the outer reaches of space, Ryan Reynolds' thoughts on the casting of co-star and love interest Blake Lively, the origin story the film may follow and who the main villain may be in this movie.

Villains are Bad

With Peter Sarsgaard being brought in to play the character of Dr. Hector Hammond, the suspected main villain of the movie, fans were wondering what role Sinestro (Green Lantern's main villain in the books) would play. Shortly after the Sarsgaard news, Martin Campbell revealed that Mark Strong was in talks to play Sinestro.

Well, it sounds like we'll be seeing Sinestro introduced while he's still a part of the Green Lantern Corps. and set up as the feature villain for the sequel(s).

"I think it will stick closely to the origin story, but we all know Sinestro, for an example, is a character who goes over to the dark side, and of course, Carol, played by Blake Lively, in later versions becomes a bad guy as well. I think people will be able to see forward to the characters that in the comic went on to (become bad guys)... but people will be ahead of us on all that I think."

I hope it plays out that way as I'd love to see Mark Strong working alongside Ryan Reynolds with the excitement knowing what's to come between them in the future.

Source: SHH

Space, The Final Frontier...

As anyone familiar with the Green Lantern comics will know, the story largely takes place in space due to its intergalactic premise. How much of the movie will explore this setting? MTV asked director Martin Campbell just that:

Source: MTV

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