Tyrese Gibson Confirms He Met With WB For Green Lantern Corps

Tyrese Gibson as Green Lantern

Fast and Furious franchise star Tyrese Gibson says he's had "a couple meetings at Warner" about the Green Lantern Corps. Making his feature film debut in director John Singleton's crime drama Baby Boy in 2001, Gibson quickly established himself in Hollywood by joining the Fast and Furious franchise in 2002 with 2 Fast 2 Furious and the Transformers film saga in 2007.

And while Gibson left the Transformers universe after Dark of the Moon in 2011 and remains committed to Fast and Furious franchise, the actor has been vying for an opportunity the last couple of years to join the superhero movie universe as John Stewart in Green Lantern Corps, which finally landed a pair of writers with DC alum David S. Goyer  and Justin Rhodes earlier this year.

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Now, a mere couple months after Gibson took to his Instagram account to remind fans of his interest in Green Lantern Corps, the actor has revealed in an interview with Syfy Wire that he's met with Warner Bros. about the film. He said:

"I would love to do it. You know, I had a couple meetings at Warner about it. I just think that they’re still trying to figure out what the move is. I would love to officially confirm, but I can’t. And if they go in a different direction, I think they know what’s best for the movie, but the fans started this campaign, and all I’ve done is made use of my social media to let folks know I’m interested."

Tyrese Gibson in Transformers

While meeting with Warner Bros. a couple times about Green Lantern Corps is a favorable development for Gibson, there's a big difference between an actor declaring that he's interested in a role and being cast in a role. One of the obstacles that Gibson faces is convincing the studio that his age will not be a factor.

Comic Book Movie reported that in a rumored casting call by Warner Bros., the studio was looking for an actor between 21 and 30 years old to play John Stewart, and Gibson is 38. Fortunately for Gibson, the actor hasn't appeared to have aged at all in recent years, and there's no doubt he's kept himself in top physical shape for the past 15 years as a mainstay in both the Fast and Furious and Transformers franchises.

If things work out and casting falls into place for Gibson, Warner Bros. still has to find its Hal Jordan for the film. At present, the actor fans seem to want most to play Hal Jordan appears to be Armie Hammer – who like Gibson has gained a lot of support via social media. Hammer is so well-liked, in fact, has even attracted Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s attention to play Shazam in his solo Black Adam movie. As of last month, however, Hammer says Warner Bros. has not contacted him about playing either role.

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Source: Syfy Wire, Comic Book Movie

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