'Green Lantern' TV Trailer Features Dark & Epic Action

Green Lantern (Ryan Reynolds) Listening to Speech by Sinestro (Mark Strong)

Things have definitely been on the up and up for Warner Bros.' Green Lantern movie since its showing at WonderCon a few weeks ago. The company has released some pretty sick TV spots since then, as well as hi-resolution imagery of Ryan Reynolds' CGI costume and some eye-catching moments - like when Hal Jordan (Reynolds) uses his Lantern powers to summon a mini-gun.

Last night a new extended television promo/trailer for Green Lantern was released as well; it boils down to a condensed version of the WonderCon preview - with a few new shots sprinkled here and there - but it still packs a (giant green) punch all the same.

Similar to the WonderCon trailer, this new Green Lantern TV preview focuses more on the darker elements of the story: Jordan's acquisition of the Lantern ring from a dying Abin Sur (Temuera Morrison), the imminent arrival of the creature Parallax on Earth, and Hector Hammond's (Peter Sarsgaard) subsequent transformation into a destructive monster after he inadvertently comes into contact with the fear-inducing monstrosity.

Green Lantern won't be all ominous drama and action, though; Reynolds has spoken out before about the balance of light and dark elements in the film, and this new television preview still retains the bit of humor when Jordan first attempts to activate his powers (this is still a movie that stars Ryan Reynolds, after all).

Check out the new Green Lantern TV trailer below:

There's a whole lot of CGI on display here - between the Oa landscape, alien creatures like Tomar-Re (Geoffrey Rush), and (of course) the Lantern costume - but it all looks pretty convincing to me so far. We've not seen much in the way of material that isn't heavy on the F/X, but that's to be expected at this point.

On that note: Warner Bros. has taken an overall different tact with teasing Green Lantern than Marvel has with its own upcoming superhero movie, Thor, in that regard. There's been plenty in the way of promotion for the God of Thunder's big screen debut, but a good deal of the footage released from the film has focused on the (relatively) quieter Earth-set portion of Thor - and early reviews for the movie peg that as being one of its weaker elements.

That could mean Green Lantern is being made to look better than it actually is, given what little footage we've seen of Jordan not in costume. However, I'm personally quite optimistic about the film - and the fact that Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) held the directorial reins on the pic makes me think it'll strike a nice tonal balance between its more serious and light-hearted sections.

Green Lantern arrives in theaters this summer on June 17th.

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