New 'Green Lantern' TV Spots & Posters

Green Lantern Posters and TV Spots

Warner Bros. sent Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively to WonderCon this weekend to show off 10 minutes of brand new Green Lantern footage in an attempt to sway fans/moviegoers back on their side after a somewhat disappointing first trailer.

This came after news that they would be holding off on the second Green Lantern trailer until Thor hits theaters in May so they could continue to finalize special effects. A 4-minute version of the footage did release online however, and now Warner Bros. is using some of the footage for their first two Green Lantern TV Spots.

Below we have the two 30-second ads as well as a few recently released Green Lantern posters. Make sure to read our full recap of the WonderCon footage & presentation.






The first poster is a new wide-shot Green Lantern banner which features a significantly more detailed CGI costume for Reynolds and a very cool background depicting the planet Oa. Click to enlarge:

Green Lantern Oa Poster Banner

Next is the first poster featuring Carol Ferris (Blake Lively). The official version has yet to release - this is from a photo of the poster stand at WonderCon"

Green Lantern Carol Ferris Blake Lively Poster

The new trailers, and especially the 4-minutes of new WonderCon footage have done an excellent job of re-raising excitement for DC Entertainment's introduction of Green Lantern to mainstream moviegoing audiences and we can applaud Warner Bros. with their work at WonderCon.

The characters look significantly improved and the intense special effects caused by the ring's powers and otherworldly locations look much better as well. Even Reynolds' "costume" looks better than before and the footage lets us really buy into his take on the character Hal Jordan as a likable protagonist.

Green Lantern is directed by Martin Campbell and also stars Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong, Temuera Morrison, Geoffrey Rush, Tim Robbins and Angela Bassett.

What are your thoughts on Green Lantern after seeing the latest videos?

Green Lantern hits 2D and 3D theaters on June 17, 2011.


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