Recut 'Green Lantern' Trailer is All Action

First Action Figure from Green Lantern Movie

When the Green Lantern trailer dropped this week, fan reaction was mixed. For all of the decent looking action, there were concerns about the overly comical nature of the trailer, the unfinished special effects, as well as some of the acting (we're talking to you Blake Lively).

Of course, these concerns are no surprise when you consider just how excited people were for the Green Lantern trailer. Fanboys are a mighty fickle lot, and with a movie as anticipated as Green Lantern, there's bound to be some criticism. Luckily for them, one YouTube user took it into his hands to recut a fanboy-approved trailer.

By stripping the original footage of all dialogue and restructuring some of the scenes, YouTube user "arttron" has created a trailer that is all action. While I'm not a huge fan of the music he chose, this trailer definitely gives fans a new look at the movie and shows off some of the epic space action that was lost in the official trailer.

Check it out (via below:


As I wrote in a recent post discussing the latest Green Lantern poster, this movie should be pure Space Opera. Everything that happens in the Green Lantern universe happens on an epic scale. This isn't a gritty examination of one man's quest for vengeance (like Batman) or even one man's quest to right the wrongs of himself and his father (like Iron Man).

Don't get me wrong, Green Lantern will still be about Hal Jordan learning to grow up and accept his responsibility as a protector of the universe, but along the way it's going to have wild space sequences, crazy ring-powered fight scenes, and more aliens than you can shake a stick at. That's some pretty epic stuff, and this fan-made trailer does a better job of showing it off than the official trailer.

What do you think of this trailer compared to the original?

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