Green Lantern Begins Filming This Fall

Production Weekly is reporting that the big-screen adaptation of Green Lantern is all set and scheduled to start filming in mid-September 2009 at an Australian location. This new start-date is a bit later than the previously reported Spring 2009 go-date for the film, but hey, at least things are getting underway.

However, this new Fall start-date still doesn't leave much time for the filmmakers to finally decide on which actor is going to be playing the titular role of Green Lantern. Warner Bros., you guys better get on that!

For those not in the know, Green Lantern is a DC Comics superhero who wears a super-powered emerald ring that lets him create whatever objects his mind can imagine and his will can manifest, provided he's not around the color yellow (don't ask). There have been several incarnations of Green Lantern since the character's inception back in 1940; the movie will focus on the most popular of the bunch, a test pilot named Hal Jordan who is given the emerald ring by a dying alien who crash-landed to earth.

We here at Screen Rant got an early look at the Green Lantern script details this past summer and it looked very promising. DC Comics movie adaptations have been hit or miss depending on how the filmmakers approach the source material, however, one positive sign for Green Lantern is that the movie will likely stick close to the fan-favorite "Emerald Dawn" storyline from the early 90's, which re-imagined the origin of Hal Jordan in a more modern tone. If the final script for GL does in fact go the "Emerald Dawn" route, expect a  galaxy-spanning epic that die-hard GL fans and blockbuster movie-lovers should both enjoy (If it's done right, of course.)

So far, we know that Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is directing a script written by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green. Still no word on who will be playing Green Lantern, or any of the other major characters in the film.

Green Lantern is still slated as a 2010 release. If you can't wait that long, you can also check DC's animated feature, Green Lantern: First Flight, which hits DVD/Blu-ray this summer (it's basically another re-imagining of the Hal Jordan origin story).

How do you feel about the Green Lantern movie? Think it's going to give Iron Man 2 a run for its money in the summer of 2010?

Sources: Production Weekly via Coming Soon

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