15 Times Green Lanterns Killed Other Green Lanterns

For a group established to protect the universe, the Green Lantern Corps. sees its share of in-fighting. Many of the most well known Lanterns don’t always get along, but these differences in ideals are what separate them from one another and help them stand out as their own individual characters.

However, the Green Lantern comics prove— perhaps more than any other DC title— that no hero is immune to corruption on some level. They each face guilt and regret, and sometimes this allows them to be overcome by outside forces, or pushes them to make hard choices. Either way, not every fight between Lanterns ends in an arrest.

Sinestro, once hailed as the greatest of the Green Lanterns, will always be the antagonist at the center of this corner of the DC universe. He’s the villainous glue that ties the Green Lantern mythos together. However, even the stalwart good guys have had their own turns to the dark side in the past, as we’ll explore below.

In this article, we will be counting any characters who serve, or have served, in the Corps. in the past. Other Lantern colors, such as yellow, red, indigo, etc. will not be counted.

Here are the 15 Times Green Lanterns Killed Other Green Lanterns.

15. Sinestro kills Laira

Laira had a complicated past as a Green Lantern: she had been trained by Kilowog’s second in command Ke’Haan, a mentor who failed many of his recruits. Instead of quitting, as so many had before her, she became his prized pupil.

She was further toughened by being forced into battle against her father, a former Green Lantern who, in his exile, had become the supervillain known as Golden Dragon. After being left for dead by a Parallax possessed Hal Jordan, she helped to form the Lost Lanterns.

After the death of her mentor, there could not have been a worse time for a Red Lantern ring to come into her life. It brought out the rage inside her, reducing her to an almost animalistic state and turning her into one of the first members of the Red Lantern Corps.

Hal Jordan attempted to get through to her, and it was beginning to work when Sinestro killed her simply so that Jordan could not have the satisfaction of bringing her back from the brink.

14. John Stewart kills Kirrt

John Stewart has become known as the Green Lantern who makes the hardest decisions that others aren't able to make, and knows exactly what needs to be done when faced with a tough choice.

He’s proven himself in this area many times over, and Kirrt’s death has to be one of the most frequently cited examples. As the young Green Lantern of sector 1346, Kirrt Kallak is being tortured when Stewart intervened.

Faced with no other option, Stewart kills the young Lantern-- snapping his neck to prevent him from giving away the location of Oa to his attackers. It’s a cold blooded move that leads to a lot of people seeing Stewart in a new, slightly dimmer light.

13. A Parallax possessed Kyle Rayner kills Jack T. Chance

Hal Jordan definitely gets the majority of the blame when it comes to crimes committed while possessed by the entity known as Parallax. However, Kyle Rayner has his share of guilt as well, considering the fact that he murdered fellow Lantern Jack T. Chance while under Parallax’s influence.

Chance became a Lantern by circumstance. After the planet Garnet’s Lantern was killed, the ring chose Chance, who hunted down and killed his predecessor’s murderer. The Guardians wanted to strip Chance of his ring, but could not find a suitable replacement, so they allowed him to keep it.

He was one of the few who survived the battle against Hal Jordan during the Emerald Twilight saga. He endured this ordeal only to later be killed by Parallax when it took control of Kyle Rayner.

12. Arkkis Chummuck kills (and eats) the Green Lantern of Xanshi

The death of Xanish probably sounds the most shocking, but it basically boils down to a matter of cultural differences. Chummuck hails from a race that holds honor above everything else, even life itself.

When his home world’s raiding parties are defeated by the Green Lantern of Xanshi, named Reever. Chummuck takes it upon himself to face Reever in combat. Making a yellow warsuit for himself, he bests the Lantern and is named the new Green Lantern of his sector.

In keeping with the customs of his people, Chummuck eats Reever’s remains as a way to honor him as a worthy opponent. Despite this display of violence, Chummuck takes his place as a relatively non-violent Green Lantern, attempting to cease war in his region by becoming a voice of diplomacy on both rival planets.

11. Lin Canar kills Dob Zagil

When initially selected as a Green Lantern, Lin Canar turned down the proposition, and wanted no part of it. Dob Zagil was selected instead, but, as people so often do in the DC universe, Zagil then went mad with power.

He began making steps to eradicate crime in his sector by destroying the class of citizens most likely to commit a crime at some point in the future. However, Lin Canar steps in to stop Dob Zagil and eventually kills him.

Only after this does he finally accept his role as a Green Lantern and begins to understand the responsibilities that come with the title, particularly after being faced with the perfect example of what not to do.

10. Laira kills her father, Kentor Omoto

As previously mentioned, one of Laira’s first acts as a Green Lantern was to come face-to-face with her father Kentor Omto, who had become the super villain Golden Dragon while she’d been away to train.

Omto took his role as a Green Lantern very seriously, but, when the city X’Ol became corrupt and dishonorable, Omoto used his power ring to influence the members of the council. His plan to clean up the city by influencing the minds of others would have worked had the Guardians not been made aware of his actions.

Once they learned what he was doing, they stripped him of his power ring, and he was banished by the Draez council. After his disappearance, the Guardians approached Laira to let her know her father had died.

Only later, when facing him in battle, does she actually learn the truth. Confronting her father is a test placed on her by the Guardians to see if she is truly without fear. Although she leaves Omoto near death, he takes the extra step and commits ritual suicide.

9. John Stewart kills his resurrected wife, Katma Tui

John Stewart and Katma Tui never caught a break. The relationship built slowly over time. and they grew closer on missions until eventually they fell in love, were married, and were allowed to be happy for a brief time.

That all changed when Star Sapphire appeared in Katma’s home, brutally murdering her simply to prove a point to Hal Jordan. She died for a personal vendetta that didn’t even have anything to do with her.

When John Stewart became the Master Builder, he was able to resurrect Katma for a time. However, this ended when a Parallax-possessed Hal Jordan destroyed the Guardians and the Central Power Battery, robbing John of his new powers and his wife.

During the Blackest Night arc, Katma is once again resurrected, this time as a Black Lantern. Stewart and Star Sapphire Fatality then combine their efforts to kill the resurrected Katma and destroy her ring.

8. Sinestro destroys the Central Power Battery and kills Driq

Hailing from the planet Criq, it’s unknown how or when exactly Driq became a Green Lantern. Driq has actually died multiple times, but his power ring always pieces his body back together and keeps him alive through the power of will.

He and the surviving Klyminade joined together with the Lanterns of Earth to combat Sinestro. He aided in Sinestro’s capture and was even present at Sinestro’s execution.

This execution did not go as planned, however, as Sinestro had installed a failsafe to see to it that the Central Power Battery was destroyed. When the battery fell, the energy holding Driq together dissipated and he died a permanent death.

Some time later, he is one of many to be resurrected as a Black Lantern, but, unlike the others he retains his mind, with his green and black rings fighting for control. He dies once again when Xanshi is destroyed.

7. Sinestro kills Ebikar Hrui when he unleashes the empathistar

Ebikar Hrui stemmed from Earth’s neighboring sector 2815. He had only one documented mission, in which he died by flying into a rogue star during an attempt to neutralize it. It was only later revealed that the star was not a natural phenomenon.

It was in fact a device piloted by Sinestro called the empathistar. It amplified the personality traits of those it came into contact with-- for Green Lanterns this would mean ignoring self-preservation and exploiting their tendency toward self-sacrifice.

Learning of this, Hal Jordan and the Flash team up to defeat Sinestro and destroy the device. Ebikar Hrui is memorialized in the Crypts of Oa, as all Fallen Lanterns are. He is also one of many Lanterns resurrected during Blackest Night.

6. Tanakada Z and Quond kill each other

Instead of one Green Lantern killing another, this is a bizarre case where two Green Lanterns were forced into a battle that neither of them survived. Quond was killed in the 2684 Sector House by his partner, Tanakada Z, who also succumbed to his wounds and died.

However, Tanakada managed to falsely accuse Guy Gardner as their attacker before his death. It was later revealed that both Lanterns had been infected by mind-controlling spores.

The spores had first infected Tanakada Z when he arrived at Mogo seeking counsel. While the existence of the spores was eventually discovered and the threat was dealt with, it was all too late to save to two fallen Lanterns of sector 2684.

5. The Corps kill Sinestro

The death of Sinestro is unique, as it is essentially a murder that was committed by the Green Lantern Corps as a whole. Sinestro was put on trial for his crimes and the decision was made to move forward with execution.

Of course, Sinestro had planned on this by installing the aforementioned failsafe and destroying the Power Battery. What makes this interesting is that, years later, Sinestro would be defined by trying to prove to the Green Lanterns that killing can sometimes be necessary, even though they’d clearly already made this decision years earlier by agreeing to kill him.

It’s not the only time that Sinestro would die at the hands of another Green Lantern, but it is in some ways the most extreme, as it was a political decision made by the Guardians and the Corps together.

4. Sodam Yat destroys Ranx

Ranx was one of those bizarre corners of the Green Lantern mythos-- it was a sentient city the same way that Mogo is a sentient planet. Folklore even suggests that Ranx was as old as the stars themselves, which makes its destruction all the more dramatic.

Each piece of the city is sentient and has total control over itself, with its circuits leading to a brain at its core. During the Sinestro Corps War, Ranx allied itself with Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns, becoming a part of the attack on Mogo.

Sodam Yat destroys Ranx by taking out its core, thus ending the battle of Mogo. After this, Sodam Yat is chosen to be the host to the Ion Entity by the Guardians of the Universe and fights off the Sinestro Corps in their attempted invasion of Earth.

3. Sinestro lets Prohl Gosgotha die so he can claim his ring

Sinestro Green Lantern

There have been many varying versions of Sinestro’s origins over the years, but this one might be the darkest. Many reports claim Jewelius Blak as his predecessor and mentor, and state that he modeled his career as a Green Lantern after hers. However, he might have had another predecessor who is rarely spoken of.

In this darker version of Sinestro’s origin, Prohl Gosgotha is wounded in battle against the Qwardians and chooses Sinestro as a temporary replacement. Sinestro beats the Qwardians back and is immediately smitten with the power of the ring.

He elects to keep it, allowing Prohl Gosgotha to die from his wounds instead of being healed by his ring, as Prohl pleads for Sinestro to return it to him with his dying breath. This fascinating take on the origin makes it clear from the beginning what being a Green Lantern meant to Sinestro and the lengths he would go to to hold onto power.

2. John Stewart kills Mogo

Mogo the sentient planet is one of the strangest members of the Green Lantern Corps, and that’s saying something, given the fact that the list also includes an insect and a squirrel. However, despite being an entire planet unto himself, Mogo hasn’t always had it easy.

He drifted in space for years without direction after the destruction of the Power Battery, and he’s been polluted and stripped of his natural resources. Heck, he’s even been the host to an infestation of Xenomorphs. None of this compares to his death, however.

In War of the Green Lanterns, Mogo is corrupted when Krona attacks Oa and allows Parallax to infect the Central Power Battery. Kyle Rayner and John Stewart try to stop him using blue and indigo rings, but it doesn't work.

Once again proving himself as the guy who can make the tough call, Stewart shoots a bullet of Black Lantern energy into the sentient planet’s core.

1. Hal Jordan kills hundreds of people as Parallax

Even if you’re only mildly familiar with Green Lantern, you may have heard of the time Hal Jordan went mad with power and began killing other Lanterns in a misguided attempt to save his city. Of course, he was actually under the influence of the evil entity known as Parallax, but this revelation came pretty late in the game.

After witnessing Coast City get destroyed by a bomb, Jordan begins hunting other Lanterns for their rings and leaves them to die. In fact, we are led to believe that they had all been killed by Jordan until it was eventually realized that they had only been seriously injured.

Officially, the only two that Hal murders with his bare hands are Sinestro and Kilowog. While this might be true, he is responsible for the deaths of hundreds when he destroys the central power battery.


Can you think of any other Green Lanterns who have killed their own kind? Let us know in the comment section!

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