17Power Ring (Harold Jordan)

Power Ring Harold Jordan

Representing the delightfully backwards world of Earth-3 (and the Antimatter Universe), Power Ring is essentially an evil version of the Green Lantern. Due to the whole opposite vibe that Earth-3 is going for, rather than Harold Jordan being a bastion of willpower, he’s in fact the most cowardly

individual of Earth-3. It’s worth mentioning that Jordan’s Ring of Volthoom bullies him into accepting its burden. The Ring is steadily inflicting him with pain, destroying his body, but Jordan’s too cowardly to muster the willpower to get someone to take it off him. Jordan’s abilities appear to be pretty lackluster and in spite of being a member of the Crime Syndicate, his situation plays like more of a cruel joke.

Power Ring’s fate is ultimately pretty gruesome as the Sinestro of his world, a member of the Injustice League, ends up tearing off Jordan’s arm and finally ridding him of the responsibility of the powers of this Ring. The Ring and its abilities might have turned Jordan into a villain, but he at least gets to die as a normal human.

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