'Green Lantern' & 'Star Trek' Getting Crossover Comic Series

Green Lantern Star Trek Comic Cpectrum War

The rumor that Warner Bros. was once again eyeing actor Chris Pine for the role of Green Lantern may have come and gone without much fanfare, but fans hoping to see the Star Trek lead suit up as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. may still be in luck. Although it won't be the live-action version of Captain James T. Kirk that dons the emerald ring - but a comic book incarnation.

That's thanks to DC Comics and IDW Publishing, and the Green Lantern/Star Trek comic series launching this July. The emerald ring-slingers and the crew of the Enterprise will join forces in the "Spectrum War" - taking classic characters from Gene Roddenberry's science fiction franchise into the realm of certified space superheroes.

The story will be told by comic writer Mike Johnson (having experience with the current "Star Trek" comic series and a number of DC titles) with art by Angel Hernández. The two properties aren't the only two to take a philosophical approach to the notion of a universe populated with diverse people and cultures, but they've proven to be two of the most lasting (with multiple reboots over the decades).

Take a look at the official plot synopsis and sample artwork below:

Green Lantern Star Trek Comic Crossover

"Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War" #1 art by Francesco Francavilla

"Set in Star Trek’s 23rd Century, the balance of the universe will be tested when the Green Lantern Corps' Power Rings come into the possession of certain Star Trek characters while a dark and powerful evil looms around every corner. Only the combined power of the Green Lantern Corps and the Federation stand any chance of stopping those who worship evil's might."

“We’ve looked forward to bringing these two iconic universes together for a long time,” said Greg Goldstein, IDW President and COO. “Star Trek and Green Lantern both share so many of the same science-fiction adventure themes and ideals, that a galaxy-spanning crossover like this is simply ... logical."

Those familiar with both franchises will recognize that as strange as it may seem, blending the two casts and mythology shouldn't prove too difficult. Fans can let their imagination run wild on just which members of the new Star Trek crew possess the ability to "overcome great fear" (Kirk seems like an obvious candidate), but the "Spectrum War" title implies a much grander conflict than the Enterprise can handle - with the artwork confirming that the Klingons seem perfect candidates for the yellow-ringed Sinestro Corps.

Green Lantern Star Trek Crossover Comic

"Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War" #1 cover by Gabriel Rodriguez

Unfortunately, as the box office stakes (and takes) of film franchises continue to spiral upward, crossovers like these are becoming less and less likely anywhere but the comic book page. Comics have proven a haven for blending disparate properties together for the fun that could result, and it's a safe bet that "Spectrum War" will possess enough action and adventure to give fans of each series something to enjoy.

The six-part "Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War" series launches this July. Will you be picking up an issue?

Source: CBR

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