'Green Lantern' Sneak Peek In 'Clash of the Titans' Home Video

Clash of the Titans Blu-ray Green Lantern scene

Whether you enjoyed Clash of the Titans or not, there's extra reason to buy it on home video when it comes out on July 27th. Warner Home Video has announced, amongst other special features, the Blu-ray/DVD will include a sneak peek of Green Lantern. Although the film, starring Ryan Reynolds, started shooting just over a month ago, three months should be plenty of time to finish a scene worth showing to the world.

The Blu-ray release, which will also have a digital copy and DVD, has a few fantastic supplements, adding to the intrigue of owning a movie many found to hover around mediocre. In the home video you'll find deleted scenes, Maximum Movie Mode (a Warner Home Video specialty), Sam Worthington: An Action Hero for the Ages, and an alternate ending. The Sam Worthington feature seems a bit excessive, and while it is true he is a legitimate action superstar, it is widely considered he hasn't made the films any better or worse.

But the real reason you're here isn't to learn about the Clash of the Titans special features, you want to hear more about this Green Lantern scene. Well, unfortunately nothing else has been announced. But it's okay to speculate.

Green Lantern costume

With the news of an entirely CGI costume, it would be nice to use this as an opportunity to showcase the look of it in action. But can they actually create a full scene with rendered and finalized effects by then? If the studio wants to get a reading on the fan reaction to the costume, this is a fantastic method. Why not make some money while they're at it, right?

If it's not the costume, maybe we'll see Mark Strong as Sinestro. Strong has established himself as one of Hollywood's best villains after performances in Sherlock Holmes and Kick-Ass. Followers of Green Lantern should be able to rest assured he will enhance the film with his talents. After all, the age old saying of "a movie is only as good as its villain" still holds true.

Either way, the best decision Warner can make is to reveal the anticipated costume and convince the fans it will be worth the wait. But if they keep it all under wraps and use it as a method of promotion for the film in 2011, what will be in this sneak peek?

What would you like to see in the special scene? Will this get you to buy Clash of the Titans on Blu-ray or are you going to wait until we post the scene for you?

Clash of the Titans comes out on Blu-ray and DVD on July 27th, 2010.

Green Lantern is set to release on June 17th, 2011.

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