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One of the biggest summer 2011 movies is undoubtedly DC Comics and Warner Bros.' superhero epic, Green Lantern. The film isn't just a big deal because Green Lantern happens to be a far more obscure character than Batman or Superman; it's not just a big deal because the film is Warner Bros. first big test of a post-Harry Potter blockbuster franchise. It's not just big deal because it's the first real test for the recently formed DC Entertainment brand.

No, Green Lantern is a big deal because it's the first tentpole comic book movie to test a premise this extreme on the masses (a team of alien cops using "magic rings" as the average person sees it), with this big a price tag (which is still going up), utilizing so many fancy new-age moviemaking gimmicks (CGI, motion-capture, 3D). The stakes are high, but it seems DCE/WB is doubling down hard.

Aside from the excitement generated by recent Green Lantern trailers, TV spots, and posters, a handful of websites were lucky enough to visit the set to see how director Martin Campbell is crafting the world(s) of Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps. Moreover, those lucky select few had the opportunity to sit down with Green Lantern's cast of stars - including Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively and Mark Strong - along with people of interest like production designer Grant Major. The subsequent interviews yielded some choice quotes, and a good preview of what fans and newcomers alike can expect from the Green Lantern movie.

NOW, we here at Screen Rant weren't chosen to enter the hallowed halls of Oa (our invite must've landed in a spam folder or something... lost in the mail...) but we're not holding any grudges :-|. On the contrary, we've done all you readers the favor of rounding up some early impressions and choice quotes from the various online sites that attended the visit, with road signs to point you to where you can read more of the good stuff.

The info that caught our eye is listed below. Click the name of any website to read more about what they saw, and who they talked to:

Here’s the deal: the most important thing to know about Green Lantern is that I truly believe this movie is going to surprise you.  Unlike every other comic book movie that’s been released, Green Lantern takes place not only on Earth, but in outer space and on another planet.  The film is MASSIVE in scope and if the CGI comes together and looks believable (which I think it will based on the footage at WonderCon),Green Lantern is going to be a huge home-run for both Warner Bros. and comic book fans.  I’m genuinely so excited to see this movie.


Second Official Green Lantern Trailer

Throughout the film, you'll see the members of the Corps. conjure anything they can think of to aid them in battle, from a big pair of fists or swords to attack to a giant net or shield for defensive maneuvers, but what was so interesting about this was seeing how naturally the filmmakers planned to show Hal's growth as a Lantern. When he first gets the ring, he's sloppy and unable to properly control the vast amount of power at his disposal. This is visually conveyed through erratic spurts of green energy flowing from his ring. As he becomes more comfortable controlling its power, however, we see the energy become more concentrated. It may seem like a minor detail, but those familiar with the comic book source material will find it to be an authentic addition to the look of the film.

[Mark Strong Talks Sinestro]

"[The] ttruth is, knowing what happens to Sinestro defines the way he behaves in this film. Even though in this first one he is essentially a hard task master for Hal, he’s his mentor as he comes into the Corps, and he obviously doesn’t believe humans shouldn’t be members of the Corps, so he’s pretty antagonistic towards Hal but that doesn't have much to do with him until  the later story. It has to do with what he believes humans are capable of. There's a streak of arrogance and danger about him. But that isn’t to do with the fact that I see him in this as a military commander and that’s how he needs to be, to control the Corps. And they are facing very dangerous enemies, so he is in protection mode. But he’s not evil in this first movie, in the way that we understand him to become."


My big takeaway from the visit is that Warner Bros isn’t just making a superhero movie, but that they are making a big space opera.

[You can check out an entire video blog of the /Film Set visit HERE]

Ryan Reynolds Hal Jordan Green Lantern

Latino Review - Ryan Reynolds talks "Jokey" Hal Jordan

Reynolds: Hal's story is steeped in tragedy. I mean, a lot of people lose their parents, but Hal loses his father in a way that's a pretty difficult thing for any kid to overcome. He witnesses it firsthand. He's ten year's old and I think that stays with him forever. I never found the character to be funny. He's more witty. He has moments where he has some rapier wit, but I don't see him making jokes in the movie at all. Anything he does do in that realm is more of a defense mechanism more than anything else. He just uses it in a way to kind of push aside any issues or emotions or anything that's actually being presented to him that might actually address something very real and close to his hear. He's a guy that keeps his cards very close to his vest. He's not giving anything up to anyone. It's mostly just that. He uses it as artful deflection. That's about it. He's not really a jokester.


Yeah, I think there's a lot to mine out of it. You don't want to just say you're doing a second and third one, because the first one has to work. I would love to see a Justice League movie. Personally, and no one's even talked to me about this, I'd like to see Geoff Johns' idea, that kind of post-apocalyptic Justice League. The visuals are amazing.


Asked about how the film's eventual conversion to 3D enters into designing the world, power ring constructs and the rest of the film, Major responded, "Film design is a 3D job anyway. Even though it's projected in 2D, we design it in such a way that you've got to get a feeling of the geography and the way that spacial systems work. Obviously, we've been thinking, 'How do we make 3D moments eye-popping?'" He added, "It's storytelling, first and foremost." Without getting too specific, he mentioned space scenes will utilize the deep-field of the 3D environment, while certain shots of the Lanterns using their powers will reach out into the audience.

Maybe next we will be able to give a first-hand set report on a big DCE/WB superhero movie :-|. In the meantime, check out the quotes  above, and a lot of the other juicy details dug up by the lucky sites who got to step behind the curtain.

Green Lantern will attempt to shine in theaters on June 17, 2011.

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