Green Lantern Set Pics Reveal Logo (and Ring?) Design

ryan reynolds green lantern costume

Following the first batch of Green Lantern set photos (including one which gave us a possible first look at Abin Sur's spaceship), we have a few more photos from the set thanks to the guys over at SuperHero Hype.

Before we get to the photos, here's the official synopsis for the Green Lantern as IMDb has it:

A test pilot is granted a mystical green ring that bestows him with otherworldly powers, as well as membership into an intergalactic squadron tasked with keeping peace within the universe.

The film stars Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan, a.k.a. Green Lantern. Co-starring is Blake Lively as our green hero's love interest; Mark Strong as his mentor Sinestro; Angela Bassett, Jay O. Sanders (who we saw in a previous set photo), Jon Tenney and Temuera Morrison.

Unfortunately the new photos are nothing overly spectacular, just a pics of sets being erected for unidentified scenes (although, a couple of them feature the GL symbol). But still, I'm sure for those of you looking forward to the Green Lantern movie (which I'm guessing is most of you) new set photos are always welcome, no matter what they depict.

Now let's take a look at the four latest set photos of Green Lantern:







If you pay close attention to the photos, there is one gem worthy of note: The Green Lantern label displayed on the set pieces offers our first potential look at the movie's logo design - perhaps even the design of rings and/or Central Power Battery of Oa, which is the ultimate power source of the Green Lanterns. Take a second look and tell us what you think.

green lantern logo ring design

Those of you who hoping to get a set pic of Ryan Reynolds in the Green Lantern suit will be waiting for a long time: it was recently revealed that the suit will be almost entirely CG, as Reynolds was recently snapped on the set wearing a motion tracker suit.

Until we get official stills we'll have to make do with these sort of set photos.

BONUS: Green Lantern comic book writer and newly anointed DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns recently sat down for his regular talk with Comic Book Resources and had this to say about the current state of the Green Lantern movie:

The movie looks fantastic. I'm heading back down to New Orleans in a few weeks, but I just watched the Abin Sur/Hal Jordan dailies, and it's amazing seeing that ring passed to Hal in live action. Abin Sur looks kick-ass.

They did such a great job. They've got Grant [Major] as a production designer. He's from "Lord of the Rings," and the visuals on this film are nothing like you could imagine. It's definitely a Green Lantern fan's dream. For me, it's kind of insane to see this stuff come to life.

And Ryan Reynolds is a perfect Hal Jordan. He brings a lot of humor to it, but he also has the humanity that Hal has. And a little bit of the arrogance, so it's a great match.

Johns also drops some hints about the status of certain other DC Comics movies - but for that info you'll have to check out the interview with Comic Book Resources.

Green Lantern is being directed by Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) and hits theaters on June 17th, 2011.

Source: Coming Soon/SuperHero Hype (Scooper "Barry"), Comic Book Resources

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