Another Green Lantern Rumor: Shawn Roberts

It’s almost a running gag now - How many actors can be rumored to play the Green Lantern before an official announcement is made? It’s amazing how Marvel’s Thor movie is undergoing the same crazy speculation and on the same time line. Even more coincidental, is that Green Lantern’s new pushed-back release date is a few mere weeks away from Thor’s pushed back date.

Two days ago, Bradley Cooper was rumored to be the leading candidate to play Hal Jordan in the upcoming DC superhero movie and in that article, I briefly ran through many of the big names also rumored to be in the running to play the part.

Now, according to El Mayimbe at Latino Review, he thinks that Cooper is a longshot and that unknown actor Shawn Roberts is a favored candidate.

Well, we've heard that before about some of the other rumored actors...

Why this is interesting, is because Martin Campbell who is set to direct Green Lantern, is directing Edge of Darkness. That movie, which stars Mel Gibson, also stars Shawn Roberts in a significant role and that has apparently made Roberts a favorite of Campbell.

Shawn Roberts is a good ol’ Canadian boy, is in great physical shape, is 25 years old and has plenty of acting experience on his long resume, mainly with TV roles and smaller appearances in movies.

El Mayimbe also pointed out that Brian Austin Green had gotten as far as screen-testing with the mask which means they are at least open to having actors in their 30s play the part. I like the Brian Austin Green option and I'd love to see him make the move into big budget films, especially after him being the best part of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. There are several good choices here and Shawn Roberts looks the part as well.

Should Warner Brothers go with an unknown like Roberts to play Hal Jordan or with a more-recognizable face like some of the other rumored possibilities?

Superhero trivia: Shawn Roberts played Rogue’s boyfriend in her intro scene from the first X-Men movie.

Green Lantern’s revised release date is now June 17, 2011.

Source: LatinoReview

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