New 'Captain America' TV Spots & 'Green Lantern' Power Ring Featurette

Captain America movie TV spots Green Lantern featurette

Marvel superheroes are all the rage this summer, with the patriotic Captain America: The First Avenger due to round out the party in July. However, DC will leave its mark as well by releasing Green Lantern this month, a project that pulled an about-face two months ago with the release of its WonderCon trailer - and has been earning healthy amounts of positive buzz ever since.

The first pair of television spots for Captain America have been released (with many more undoubtedly to come), along with a Green Lantern featurette that offers some basic information about the function and design of the Lantern's power rings and batteries.

Not a whole lot in the way of battle footage or action-packed material has been revealed so far from Captain America, which looks to feature some pivotal sequences and plot elements that directly set the stage for next year's The Avengers. Director Joe Johnston has handled a period-set adventure tale in an exciting and fun manner before (see: The Rocketeer), so hopefully that means Marvel simply has yet to reveal The First Avenger at his best.

Those hoping for a better look at Hugo Weaving as Red Skull in motion will have to be satisfied with the recently-released collection of character posters for now, since the small sections of new Captain America footage included in the latest TV spots aren't focused on him. However, there are some brief but stylish new bits of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in action - and getting some action, courtesy of Pvt. Lorraine (Natalie Dormer).

Check out the new Captain America TV spots (via below:


Green Lantern

In comparison to Captain America, we've gotten an excellent look at what Green Lantern has to offer at this point, in terms of its 3D visual effects and overall darkly epic spectacle. The trailers and TV spots unveiled so far have also been pretty effective at both teasing director Martin Campbell's comic book adaptation and introducing the concepts of the Lantern mythology to newcomers.

That trend continues with this new Green Lantern featurette, which focuses specifically on explaining the basic schematics of how the Lantern's ring works - and how Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) begins to embrace his new identity as a defender of Earth over the course of the film. Plus, there are some brief new bits of Jordan sparring with Sinestro (Mark Strong) - and literally giving Kilowog (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan) the slam down - that longtime Lantern fans should get a kick out of.

Watch that Green Lantern featurette (via Facebook) below:



Green Lantern arrives in 2D and 3D theaters this month on June 17th.

Captain America: The First Avenger will also be unleashed in 2D and 3D next month on July 22nd.

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