First Look at 'Green Lantern' Power Battery

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Green Lantern fans know just how important the Power Battery is to the Green Lantern Corps. Funneling power from the Green Lantern Central Power Battery on the Green Lantern home planet of Oa, each individual power battery provides power to a Green Lantern's ring. In the comics, as well as in the upcoming movie, Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) receives his power battery and ring from a dying alien named Abin Sur.

At this past weekend's Spike TV Scream AwardsGreen Lantern beat out Thor, The Avengers,  and Captain America for the title of "Most Anticipated Movie." Ryan Reynolds accepted the award from co-star Blake Lively in style, riding onto the award stage on -- what else? -- a giant model of the famed Green Lantern Power Battery.

Until the Scream Awards, fans hadn't gotten a chance to see what the film version of the Power Battery would look like. In the comic books, it looks like an old-fashioned lantern. For the movie, however, it appears that the Power Battery will have much more of an alien tech vibe, similar to the CGI Green Lantern suit.

Of course, why would you want to settle for a model of the Power Battery when you can see a picture from the movie itself? Luckily, we've got both. Check out a picture of the prop from the Scream Awards below (via Just Jared) as well as the first image of the Power Battery from the film (via The Daily Blam).


Ryan Reynolds on a model of the Green Lantern Power Battery



While I love the iconic Power Battery of the comics, I think the movie version actually looks pretty cool. It's consistent with the sci-fi elements of  the Green Lantern series and the overall look of the Green Lantern film. There will always be those who insist on "authenticity," but it's important for filmmakers to break away from tradition sometimes to create a new experience for a new audience. Consider the Batman suit from The Dark Knight: Early on that costume rubbed a lot of people the wrong way for looking too "techy," but it ended up being awesome in the context of the movie.

Even with stiff competition from Marvel, I still believe that Green Lantern has a shot at being the best super hero movie to come out in the next few years. If it doesn't, DC will only have Christopher Nolan's third Batman film to bank on, which would give Marvel a stranglehold on comic book movies. Sure, there is Superman: The Man of SteelThe Flash and Wonder Woman, but Green Lantern is going to have to pave the way first.

Source: Just Jared, The Daily Blam

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