Superman NOT Appearing in Green Lantern Movie

One of the earliest rumors about The Green Lantern was that the film included a cameo by a certain Man of Steel. This rumor first surfaced when our friends over at IESB got an early look at the Green Lantern script and picked up on a scene where Clark Kent is approached as a possible candidate to wear GL's emerald power ring.

This naturally set off a rumor-bomb of speculation about who would play Clark Kent for the Green Lantern cameo (Tom Welling? Brandon Routh) - but all that talk is now moot, as MTV Splash Page has exclusively confirmed that there will NOT be a Superman cameo in the film.

MTV confirmed the news while talking with Green Lantern director Martin Campbell, who had this to say:

"No, that won't happen...None of the other DC characters will appear in the film."

So down goes any Superman, Batman, Flash, or any other DC hero rumor you heard about regarding Green Lantern. While many of us comic book movie fans have enjoyed the sort of crossover cameos Marvel Studios has packed into their films as a lead-in to their Avengers movie, it seems DC/WB is letting their directors go the Chris Nolan route and establish independent universes for their individual heroes before they do any swapping and sharing.

I for one, don't really care about this particular issue: I like what Marvel has done - it's a nice little thrill for us fans - but when directors like Nolan are making great films like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight without having to worry about fitting those films into an entire DC Universe continuity, trust me, I'm good with that as well.

Regarding The Green Lantern: it's already a tough enough job to take a character who wears a big green ring that can manifest whatever he imagines - aliens galore, little blue guys in robes who control the universe, etc. - and make all that believable and relatable onscreen.  Translating all those way-out-there concepts should be the only focus of this movie - damn the cameos and all those geektastic extras.

Besides, it's not like DC/WB has a Justice League movie in the pipeline to promote, so why make a hard job even harder for Martin Capbell and Co.?

Are you crushed that you won't see Superman in Green Lantern?

The Green Lantern is rolling into production and should be in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: MTV Splash Page

Header Image source: Angry Web

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