Green Lantern Corps Should Tackle Hal Jordan's Most Controversial Story

The Original Green Lantern Plan Was To Kill Hal Jordan

The first proposed script for a Green Lantern Corps movie was a buddy cop comedy in space, with Hal Jordan and John Stewart as the main characters. Jordan would be presented as both a veteran and a maverick, with Stewart playing the rookie whose by-the-book approach clashes with the more unorthodox tactics favored by his partner. It should be noted that this approach would be true to the spirit of both characters in the current comic books.

Later script treatments suggested that Hal Jordan would die partway through the movie, his noble sacrifice inspiring his partner to avenge him while affirming John Stewart's worthiness to wear the ring.  Apparently, this was a major point of contention with actor Tom Cruise, who was approached about playing the role of Hal Jordan. Cruise has long been a fan favorite to play the role, due to the character's possession of a similar personality and background as Tom Cruise's classic role in Top Gun. Unfortunately, Cruise reportedly wasn't interested in playing the role unless he was guaranteed to live through the film.

Adapting Emerald Twilight would address this issue, as the villain of the original script could be changed to a corrupted Hal Jordan transformed into Parallax. This would give John Stewart an entirely different challenge, as he must fight to reach his partner and free him from the corrupting influence of his own power or the fear-entity version of Parallax. This idea might also appeal to Cruise, given that he's apparently fond of playing heroic men consumed by a corrupting power, as in Interview With The Vampire and The Mummy.

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Will Geoff Johns Adapt His Iconic Green Lantern Arc?

At first the idea of adapting Emerald Twilight for the big screen doesn't seem like something that would appeal to Geoff Johns. After a decade of writing the monthly Green Lantern comic book, Johns is seen by many as the definitive writer on the series, even ignoring how he created much of the current Green Lantern mythology. Yet most of what Johns created would never have come into existence without Emerald Twilight having come first to clear the playing-field.

Given that, Johns could adapt the basic idea of Emerald Twilight as the starting point for his version of the Green Lantern Corps. He already did this to a minor degree in the comics, suggesting that the events of Emerald Twilight had occurred in a slightly different fashion within the compressed timeline of The New 52 reality. A cinematic adaptation of Emerald Twilight could finally allow Johns to tell his version of events in full. Then again, such steps may be unnecessary given how largely undefined the cosmic side of the DCEU is so far.

There is nothing, save Johns' own love of playing around with previously existing continuities in his stories, that requires him to suggest such an event as Emerald Twilight ever occurred in the DCEU. Yet such an event would offer the perfect action-packed staging ground for whatever new reality Johns wishes to create using the classic concept of the Green Lantern Corps. This seems a likely occurrence as well, given that Johns has expressed an interest in creating a script that revolutionizes everything that fans of the franchise know. Indeed, Johns has said that his new script is "going to celebrate the mythology and reinvent it in a different way."

Given Johns' track record as a writer with DC Comics and as the company's President and Chief Creative Officer over the past few years, it is safe to believe that he can be trusted with so momentous a task as developing an entirely new way of looking at a beloved franchise like the Green Lantern Corps. After all, he has already done it once before and could presumably find another way to manage that trick again. This does leave the question, however, of what role Emerald Twilight might play in Johns' machinations, if any. Regardless, most are likely to agree that the future of the series on the silver screen is in good hands.

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