DC Movie Update: Sinestro Screen Test & 'Dark Knight' Bonus Footage

In a recent blog post where he discussed the possibility of bringing the Blue Beetle to the small screen, DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns also talked about progress on the forthcoming Green Lantern film. Specifically, Johns talked about being on set for a recent screen test of actor Mark Strong as Sinestro, the archenemy of the Green Lantern Corps.

Writing for the Official DC Universe blog, Johns had high praise for the actor saying, "if you like Sinestro you’re going to love Mark Strong as Sinestro." Check out Johns' full remarks below:

"I just returned from New Orleans, where GREEN LANTERN is deep in production set for release in June 2011. GREEN LANTERN has an unreal crew and cast. Grant Major – the Production Designer on LORD OF THE RINGS. Martin Campbell – the director of CASINO ROYALE. And Mark Strong from SHERLOCK HOLMES and KICK-ASS as Sinestro. And while I was there, there was a test on Sinestro. How he looks. How he moves. An amazing test.

Unfortunately, that test is top secret.

I can say with confidence, however, if you like Sinestro you’re going to love Mark Strong as Sinestro. Powerful, regal, intimidating. Mark clearly has done his research and embraced every aspect of what makes Sinestro one of the greatest, most complex characters within the vast, epic universe of the Green Lantern Corps. I think you’ll be as psyched as I am when you finally see him."

I had the opportunity to speak briefly with Geoff Johns at the C2E2 convention in April. While he couldn't say much about production on the Green Lantern, Johns did express his belief that Ryan Reynolds had nailed the character of Hal Jordan and would be great the role. Hearing the veteran comic book writer offer equally high praise for Mark Strong, who also flexed his villainous muscle in Sherlock Holmes and Kick-Ass, is definitely a great sign and only increases my anticipation for the film.


Dark Knight Bonus Footage

The Dark Knight New Bonus Features for iTunes Amazon On Demand Download

In other DC movie news, the company recently announced that fans of The Dark Knight could now check out 31 minutes of unreleased bonus footage from the film by downloading a copy of the movie via iTunes, Amazon OnDemand or Cable OnDemand beginning in July. DC is releasing the new material to coincide with the company's 75th anniversary.

Frankly, I find it pretty annoying that my Blu-ray copy of The Dark Knight doesn't already have all of these behind-the-scenes features, but whatever. To be honest, I think some of these are only new in the sense that the same material has been edited together differently. I could swear I've seen the behind-the-scenes features with Hans Zimmer and the Bat-Pod before. Do any of these special features look familiar to our European readers?


That's the latest in DC movie news for the day. What do you think of Geoff Johns' description of Sinestro? Are you more excited about Green Lantern? Will you buy the new digital download of The Dark Knight to get these bonus features, or are you content with your current DVD or Blu-ray copy?

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