Green Lantern 'What The Fans Will Want To See'

My buds at Latino Review have alerted me to a new bit of news about the Green Lantern movie that is indeed moving forward (without Jack Black, thank you very much).

Marvel Comics writer Marc Guggenheim has been tasked with writing the screenplay, and so far, it's sounding like things are moving in the right direction.

He was interviewed by about his current run on Spider-Man and had this to say about the Green Lantern film:

I've been working my ass off on Green Lantern," he said, then laughed. "I'm ready for a weekend off. I really can't say too much about it. I've sworn a blood oath of secrecy. I will tell you it features Hal Jordan and is an incredibly faithful rendition of the character. It honors everything everyone loves about the hero. We approach it from a fan's perspective. Every step of the way, we ask ourselves what we want to see and what the fans will want to see. I think we have a script that will actually satisfy on those levels. Right now I'm just doing a rewrite for the studio with Greg [Berlanti] and Michael [Green]. We'll turn that in next week. We justkeep moving forward. It's really good stuff!

Now lest you think I Marvel Comics writer shouldn't be tackling the emerald hero, much less writing a screenplay, he has written for DC Comics before and in addition does have experience writing for TV shows like CSI: Miami, Law & Order and The Practice. Click here for his full bio.

Now as I said above, so far this sounds awesome. But a LOT of things can happen/change between the first draft of a screenplay and the final movie we end up seeing on the screen. It does add fuel to the "this movie may be cool fire" based on our previous Green Lantern script report last month. There are many, many, MANY "cooks" who get their fingers in the pot over the course of a film's production.

Concept art from the Green Lantern movie (Murray Studios)

Of course, things turned out pretty damned well for The Dark Knight, so that inspires some confidence. I'd love to see an awesome Green Lantern movie. Non-comic book geeks may not be aware that while the obvious Marvel/DC comparison for Iron Man is Batman, many comic book fans consider Green Lantern to be a better DC analogue for our favorite armored Avenger. This is due to the fact that they are both ordinary men (non-meta-humans) who have superhero powers - unlike Batman who has honed his physical prowess to the point that he seems super-human when compared to the average couch potato. :-)

Michael Green is co-writing the script along with Marc Guggenheim, and let's hope Marc's passion makes it all the way through the film-making process. Green has been involved with TV shows like Heroes, Everwood and *cough* Smallville *cough*.

As far as we know Greg Berlanti is still set to direct the film.

Source: (not the official Comic-Con site) via Latino Review

Image Source: Joe Bergeron

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