Green Lantern's Costume Will Be CGI [Updated]

[Update: We have a picture of Ryan Reynolds in his Green Lantern "costume."]

Our friend Peter Sciretta over at /Film dug up a juicy exclusive that will no doubt send comic book movie geeks fans into a frenzy: Ryan Reynolds' costume in Green Lantern is going to be almost entirely computer generated.

That's right, you heard me correctly: a CGIGreen Lantern costume is what we will see in the movie.

Right about now, you're either nodding your head and saying "Makes sense," or tearing your hair out in frustration. Either way, let the ranting begin.

According to Sciretta's exclusive report, Reynold's is currently running around the Louisiana set of Green Lantern in a 'gray tracking motion/performance capture suit with led lights and white LEDs,' cracking jokes that Warner Bros. will turn him into a Na'vi by the time Green Lantern hits screens. Although, I don't think some fans are going to share Reynold's humor about this subject.

From what I gather, the filmmakers are sticking close to the idea from the comic book, which is that a Green Lantern's costume is a manifestation of the ring bearer's power; Sciretta's source inside Warner Bros. claims that onscreen, the suit "will look cool."

Before people can start claiming that a CG costume = an epic fail for the Green Lantern movie, Sciretta reminds us that Academy Award-winning costume designer Ngila Dickson (Lord of the Rings, The Last Samurai) is working on Green Lantern - I'm fairly certain that between Dickson and the current standard of CGI technology we'll be getting a Green Lantern outfit that fanboys can be proud of and moviegoers will be impressed by. Just my prediction.

I'm going to go ahead and put it out there that I am NOT freaking out about this (though as I write this, I'm not sure if I speak for the rest of the Screen Rant staff, or have once again ventured out on my own limb).

The simple fact is, the Green Lantern costume is going to be worn by a lot weird alien creatures; Hal Jordan (Reynolds) has to be able to make it manifest and disappear in an instant just by willing it so; the costume needs to have an emerald aura constantly surrounding it... there are simply too many demands for a spandex and/or leather outfit to handle in this case.

You can argue about "old school movie making" until you're blue in the face; the team behind Green Lantern is trying to take super hero drama to the next universe (literally) - boundaries are going to be pushed and conventions tested. It's the type of risk-taking filmmaking that can pay off big...

...Or fall flat. I'm sure that no matter what I argue, a certain contingent of hardcore Green Lantern fans are going to feel downright betrayed by this news (and will hopefully air their grievances in our comment section :-) ).

Before you get too reactive, however, be sure to head over to /Film to read some additional Green Lantern updates about the following:

I know that - love it or hate it - it's still good for fans everywhere to be getting info about how the Green Lantern movie is coming along, so thanks again to /Film for the wonderful update.

Update: Thanks to an exclusive from MTV Splash Page, we now have a look at Reynolds in his Green Lantern "costume!"



Ok, so it's a motion-capture suit - but it's a cool looking motion-capture suit! That's good...right?

Green Lantern will be in theaters on June 17, 2011.

Source: /Film

Update Source: MTV Splash Page

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